National Almond Day
National Almond Day: By eating a handful of almonds daily, you can avoid many or not many health problems.

National Almond Day is commemorated on February 16 of every year.

Almond: Be it garnishing or eating a handful of almonds in a snack, they are not harmful in any way. Rather, you can control to a small extent the hunger that occurs every once in a while by eating almonds. Now we’re familiar with the almond, we use them as an ingredient in our food preparation as well as baking, however did you know that almond is not really a nut? It’s a stone fruit that relates to cherries, plums and also peaches. But in case with almonds only stone is eaten, not the pulp. With lots of selections of almond available across the world. Almonds are just one of one of the most heart-healthy readily available on the marketplace. They are delicious, and also their nuts have plenty of Vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, as well as it can help in reducing the cholesterol level. Almonds are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. National Almond Day is a day to celebrate the Almond by appreciating the preference of Almond by adding them to milk, pasta, butter, food or whatever it might be. Almond offers a tasty taste with numerous wellness benefits. So today on the occasion of National Almond Day, let’s know some of its best benefits.

History of National Almond Day

Foundation of National Almond Day is still unknown. Almond’s are just one of the most heart-healthy food readily available in the market which is engaged with Vitamin E, fiber, as well as magnesium. Almond’s are very beneficial to the health according to the survey of Five hundred health Professionals.

How to observe National Almond Day

There are so many ways we can celebrate almonds. Whether we just snack on them or go all out and bake with them, it will be a worthy celebration. We also have several other suggestions for you to try:

  • Collect a variety of seasoned, roasted almonds and enjoy a taste test. Which is your favorite? Toasted, smoked, spicy, or sweet?
  • Step into the kitchen and add almonds to your savory cooking. They add flavor to your meats, sauces, and salads.
  • Try almond butter for an alternative spread or mixed into dips.
  • Create a sweet dessert or healthy substitute using almonds.

Almond benefits

1. Controls cholesterol

Almonds are effective in lowering cholesterol levels. In addition, it also reduces triglycerides level. Which is very beneficial for health. So you can eat it daily or so by soaking it in water.

2. Effective in reducing weight

Almonds are low in calorie, so there is no fear of gaining weight by eating a handful of it. Apart from this, it maintains metabolism which is a very important process in reducing and controlling weight.

3. Effective for diabetes patients

Consumption of almonds can prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes. Because it contains high fiber, unsaturated fat and low carbohydrate. Also, almonds are included in the category of low-glycemic index, which means that the amount of glucose in it is very low. This is why it controls blood sugar level.

4. For Stronger Bones

If you want to survive from diseases related to bones in your old age, then make things rich in calcium a part of your diet. Apart from dairy products, you can also add almonds to it as almonds also contain calcium.

5. For healthy skin

Almonds have been used for beauty for a long time. Then whether it is to grind almonds or its oil. Apart from improving the skin tone, reducing the effect of aging, it can be helpful in treating psoriasis and eczema.



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