Martyrs Day 2021
Martyrs Day 2021 Gandhi not only liberated the country from the clutches of British rule on the strength of truth and non-violence, but also played an important role in the revival of the country. Today, the country is on the path of progress by following the guidance of Gandhiji. (Image - mustardseed.co.in)

Martyrs Day 2021: The nation today is remembering the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi on his death anniversary. On January 30, 1948, the father of truth and non-violence, the Father of the Nation, Gandhi was assassinated. On this day people in the country and the world pay tribute to Bapu and remember him in prayers. At the same time, many prayer meetings are organized on Gandhiji’s death anniversary, in which Gandhi ji is paid tribute by holding a silent vow. Dramas are performed at many places. Martyr’s day is also celebrated on this day. For this, the Government of India has directed all the states and union territories to observe two minutes of silence at 11 am on January 30, who were martyred while fighting for India’s independence. whereas, Martyr’s Day is also observed on 23 March. Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged on this day. You can also remind your loved ones and friends on Martyr’s Day through these messages:


Do not know what clay were made of,

Every day there were trunks in the service of the country,

The soldiers passed them in jails,

Gave his life for the sake of the country.

Mahatma Gandhi Death Anniversary: Know how Gandhiji received the title of ‘Father of the Nation’


It is a complete prayer and I believe in my country,

I live on the palm for the glory of the country,

Why do you read someone else’s map in my eyes

I am a patriot and keep Hindustan in my heart.


Don’t ask for time

Is our story

Our only identity is that

We are just Indian


Die for the sake of this country

That’s all my desire

Dying on this path is equivalent to 100 births


Many people meet all over the world,

But there is no beautiful beauty from the country,

Many die in gold, wrapped in notes too

But there is no beautiful shroud from the tricolor !!


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