Kangana and Koena (Photo-Jagran)
Kangana and Koena (Photo-Jagran)

B Town celeb Koena Mitra has come forward in support of film actress Kangana Ranaut, who has supported Kangana’s statements in her recent statements. Addressing some allegations about the Nepotism debate and celeb’s refusal to speak for fear of being ‘banned’, he said that Kangana’s statement was ‘true’. Claiming that those who ‘do not believe in themselves’ are afraid to speak and share their stories. He claimed that if someone speaks against a certain group, they are ‘banned’.

Koena also shared her thoughts on Karan Johar’s comments in an earlier video where she suggested that Kangana should leave the film industry if she had a problem with it. Reacting to the clip, he said that the director is ‘nobody’, asking the actors to leave the industry, adding that he has no license to do so.

In addition to commenting on the debate, Koena Mitra also reported that someone was running a social media handle and a YouTube channel in her name. The police are currently investigating the case and are preparing to catch other criminals involved in selling ‘Like’ and ‘Followers’. Koena Mitra is a Bollywood actress and she has worked in many films. Koena has worked with many big actors.

Koena Mitra has supported Kangana Ranaut by giving him a lot of force. It is noteworthy that after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana Ranaut has opened a front against the big legends of Bollywood. He has also spoken about promoting Mafia and dynasty in Bollywood. She is constantly demanding for justice to Sushant.


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