Taking medicines without doctor’s advice can spoil your health

Most people take medicines on their own without doctor's advice when they have minor health problems, which can prove harmful to their health.
Most people take medicines on their own without doctor's advice when they have minor health problems, which can prove harmful to their health.

Self-medication is becoming a habit of people nowadays due to busyness, rising inflation, and increasing dependence on the internet for information. The habit of taking medicines by constantly giving symptoms to the pharmacist without consulting any expert can also lead to some more serious diseases. Let us know how a high intake of drugs can harm our bodies.

1. Cough Syrup

When is the need: a chest, a dry cough, a cough with phlegm, a sore throat, and a sore throat.

Side effects: Nausea, lethargy, loss of memory, nervousness, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

What to do: Do not take cough syrup without the doctor’s advice. To get rid of minor cough, gargling with lukewarm water mixed with salt, eating ginger and basil decoction is also effective.

2. laxative medicine

When is needed: Such medicines are helpful in relieving constipation. Usually, such medicines are given to clear the stomach before any surgery or delivery.

Side effects: If such drugs are consumed for a long time, it can cause dehydration, abdominal pain, loose motion, laxative colitis, kidney stones, and weakness in heart muscles.

What to do: Drink plenty of water, include fiber-rich fruits and green vegetables prominently in your daily diet. Sprouts, oatmeal, upma, and oats should be consumed regularly at breakfast instead of refined flour.

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3. Antibiotics

When is the need: Usually in the event of fever and any kind of allergy, such medicines are given, which act to destroy bacteria, fungus, and other such livestock.

Side effects: Consumption of such medicines can cause skin allergies and loose motion problems. If they are consumed for a long time, then the body’s immunity is weakened because the harmful viruses and bacteria develop their resistance due to their effect, so that drugs are not affected by them. On the other hand, good bacteria present in the body are also destroyed due to the effect of antibiotics.

4. Pen Killer

When it is needed: a Pain killer is given to relieve pain even in the event of joint pain, injury, cut, or burn in an accident.

Side effects: nausea, gas problems, abdominal pain, and loose motion, etc. These drugs contain some such additive ingredients, which make people addicted to them for long-term use. Apart from this, such medicines can also damage the liver and kidneys. They are also at risk of hemorrhage as these drugs make the blood thinner.

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