Rafale fighter jet
Rafale fighter jet

The strength of the Indian Air Force is about to increase. The first batch of 5 Rafale fighter aircraft from France’s Marinec airbase has left for India. The aircraft have stayed in the UAE to provide comfort to the pilots. Indian Air Force said that after about 7 hours, all 5 Rafaels have safely landed at UAE’s Al-Dafra airbase. This batch will reach India on Wednesday 29 July after covering a distance of 7 thousand km. Air to air re-fueling will also be done in Rafale aircraft. The induction of these multi-role fighter jets will increase the strength of the Indian Air Force by leaps and bounds.

Delivery of Rafale aircraft is delayed due to Corona epidemic. Its last batch is expected to be received in December 2021.

The Indian Ambassador was present during
the departure. The Indian Ambassador Javed Ashraf was also present at the Marinek airbase during the departure of the Rafale fighter jets. He also met the pilots during this time. He congratulated the first Indian pilots to fly Rafale. He also thanked Dassault Aviation, the French Airforce and Rafale manufacturer.

To be deployed in Ambala

The five Rafale will be deployed in Ambala. Deployment here will enable fast action against Pakistan on the western border. Interestingly, Ambala airbase is also 200 km from the border of China. The 17th Squadron Golden Arrows will be Rafael’s first squadron at Ambala. Miraj 2000 had halted several places when it came to India, but Rafael would land directly at the Ambala airbase after a stop.

Rafael is capable of nuclear attack

Rafael DH (two-seater) and Rafael EH (single-seater), both twin engines, are fourth-generation fighters with delta-wing, semi-stealth capabilities. Not only is it agile, but it can also carry out a nuclear attack. This fighter jet is designed with radar cross-section and infra-red signature. It has a glass cockpit. There is also a computer system, which helps the pilot to command and control.

It has a powerful M88 engine. Rafael also has an Advanced Avionics Suite. The cost of radar, electronic communication system and self-protection equipment is 30% of the total cost of the entire aircraft. The jet is equipped with RBE2AA Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, which helps in identifying low-observation targets. is.

Detects the target even within 100 km radius

There is also Rafale Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), which cannot easily jam. Whereas, the spectra installed in it can also detect long-range targets. Apart from these, the radar warning receiver, laser warning and missile approach warning alert in it in the event of any threat threat and prevents the radar from jamming. . Apart from this, Rafale’s radar system also detects targets within a radius of 100 km. Rafale also has modern weapons. For example, it has a 30 mm canon with 125 rounds. It can carry 9 and a half thousand kilograms of goods at a time.

Rafael fighter jet being made powerful by the aircraft is being made more powerful. The Air Force is getting it equipped with the Hammer missile. Emergency orders were made for this. Seeing the need of the Air Force, the French authorities decided to give Hammer to India out of stock prepared for someone else. The Hammer (Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range) is a medium range missile, built for the French Air Force and Navy. It strikes the ground from the sky. Hammer can destroy even the strongest shelters and bunkers in mountainous areas like Ladakh.

Equipped with missiles like Mitiar and Scalp
is also equipped with missiles, including Rafael fighter jets Mitiar and scalp. The Meteor is also a state-of-the-art missile to hit its target beyond the visual range. He is known in the world for his specialty. The range of Meteor is 150 km. Scalp can hit targets in deep range. Scalp can destroy its target by aiming accurately at about 300 kilometers.

India had signed 36 Rafale fighter jets with France in 2016 for 58 thousand crores. Out of 36, 30 will be fighter jets and 6 will be training aircraft. Trainer jets will be two-seater and will also have all the features like fighter jets.


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