These tips and tricks will be useful in keeping yourself happy and relaxed with others in lockdown

The lockdown period is like this when everyone is upset, but there is no good to take any kind of tension in it, you should find a way to be happy in these moments.
The lockdown period is like this when everyone is upset, but there is no good to take any kind of tension in it, you should find a way to be happy in these moments.

If you cook every day thinking what to do, it is my helplessness or this work cannot be avoided, then you need to put a little stop, not a little on your thinking. The reason, many research studies have confirmed that if you work in the kitchen with a happy heart, not only does the food you make them taste more delicious, but it is also a kind of therapy for you. Works. Therefore, next time you enter the kitchen, do not consider your work as a burden, and do all the work with a smile. Whether it is preparing breakfast or lunch or evening tea or dinner.

Nowadays when you go to the bathroom, prepare in advance of normal days that you have to give yourself a little extra time. You know that by paying a little extra attention to yourself, you can not only remain physically fit but can also feel mentally well. A little extra time in the bathroom will keep you away from stress, depression, and anxiety. If you live in a joint family then it will also be a kind of me-time for you.

– Nowadays, during the days of lockdown, take a little care of your face every morning and evening. During this time, you can prepare face packs for yourself from the ingredients and products at home. Using these face packs will not only make the face glow, but your mind will also be happy.

– Today’s weather than ordinary days went very clean. In such a situation, you can take advantage of pure fresh air while sitting at your balcony or terrace. Nowadays, all the members of the house do not have to go out due to lockdown, nor do you have to worry about preparing tiffin for children. In such a situation, you can do yoga-exercise, meditation, etc. by sitting on your balcony or terrace in the morning. Similarly, in the evening also take a little time for yoga, etc.

– Waking up early in the morning and sitting on your balcony or terrace for a while, you can hear the sweet sound of birds and dawn. It is also very relaxing to see the birds flying in the sky in the morning. Seeing the butterflies orbiting around trees and plants also gives relief to the mind.

Nowadays there is no panic in life due to lockdown. In such a situation, it can be quite enjoyable to stay at home and watch the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. Whenever you see the pictures taken during this time, you will be relieved that you have also seen such an environment.

– Nowadays during lockdown days, with the help of family members, one can clean house rooms, kitchens, storerooms, bathrooms, steps, and other places in turn. This will not only cut the time of all the members of the house comfortably but will also clean the house well. Similarly, you can also clean household appliances in turn. This will keep these devices with you for a long time. During cleaning, the long-term use of utensils, appliances, and other items in the house can help the needy.

– Suppose you have enough time due to lockdown, but this does not mean that you spend your time on small or big screens. Make sure to watch TV every day, talk on mobile and watch videos on mobile, etc. Because more time spent on any type of screen will not only prove harmful to your eyes but will also affect your mood.

– If you think that nowadays I have enough time. In such a situation, what is the harm in waking up late at night and then sleeping till late in the your thinking is wrong. This will affect your body clock. Being affected by the body clock will not only affect physical health but will also affect your mental health. Therefore, it is important to make a habit of sleeping in the night every day and getting up early in the morning.

– During the lockdown days, your brain is most important. For this, take a little time each day in which your mind is really busy, like solving a puzzle, playing an indoor game with family members, sketching, painting, writing a diary, poetry, songs, ghazals, Short story or story writing, etc.


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