UNICEF Warns, Great danger on Asia: millions of children not vaccinated due to lockdown

UNICEF warned millions of children who were not engaged in lockdown. Great danger on asia
UNICEF warned millions of children who were not engaged in lockdown. Great danger on asia

United Nations. Children in many countries of South Asia have not received life-saving vaccines due to the lockdown imposed by the Coronavirus. UNICEF warns that this could lead to another health crisis in the region. About 4.5 million children from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are among those deprived of life-saving vaccines. The United Nations Children’s Fund has also said that outbreaks of diseases such as measles and diphtheria have been seen at isolated places in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. These diseases can be prevented by vaccination.

UNICEF has stated that the regular immunization drive in these countries has been badly affected due to the lockdown. Parents also do not want to take their children to a health center to get regular vaccinations. According to UNICEF, about a quarter of the world’s children live in South Asia who has not been vaccinated or have been partially vaccinated. The estimated number of vaccinated people is about 4.5 million. Almost all or 97% of them live in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

UNICEF’s Regional Health Advisor for South Asia, Paul Rutter, also warned that in some countries of South Asia, the stock of vaccines is running out. This is very dangerous for the coming times. The lockdown has disrupted the supply of vaccines. The work of making these vaccines has also been disrupted which has caused problems and problems. At a time when the world is fighting a war against the coronavirus, this warning from UNICEF is a sign of far-reaching danger. According to UNICEF, millions of children being deprived of vaccination can lead to other problems.

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