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Virat Kohli wants to play his own role in his biopic


Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri were having a fun live chat on Instagram on Sunday evening. They discussed everything from cinema to relationships. In the discussion, Sunil Chhetri asked Kohli whom he wanted to see in his biopic.

Virat immediately said, ‘Myself! I don’t think anyone can play me as I do. I myself will be in the film and it will also feature Anushka. To this Sunil Chhetri replied, “I believe you can do this because people may not know but you are quite funny and you can act.” However, Virat Kohli said, ‘There is a misconception that I can act and I want to tell it directly. See, I can also play football. But does that mean you will take me to play in the ISL (Indian Super League)? No Chance! In the same way, I can face the camera but you cannot call it acting.

However, he added, ‘But in a biopic, I have to play myself. And who can play me better than myself? ‘ Significantly, when two eminent Indian players chat, you would think that they would confine the conversation to the game only. Sunil Chhetri roasts Kohli and asks him about his marriage. He asked about the fact that despite being married in Italy many people got jealous of him that Virat has never proposed to Anushka.

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Chhetri said, ‘I was talking to Anushka recently and I came to know something. To this Kohli replied, ‘I believe that when you live life independently and with love, you don’t need a special day like Valentine’s Day. So it was natural that we never had to propose or do formalities. We only knew that we wanted to get married.

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