To keep the body out of infection of illness, you need to eat eggs in your diet
To keep the body out of infection of illness, you need to eat eggs in your diet

In view of the increasing infection of corona infection in today’s time, it is really essential to keep the body healthy during this shift duration, since any kind of illness in the body increases the danger of infection of corona virus. Take special care of your diet to keep your body healthy and away from illness. You should consume eggs in the diet to safeguard your body from infection of diseases.

Egg contains enough quantity of protein and vitamins– A and B. It helps to nourish our body and keep it away from illness. By consuming eggs, the body gets enough vitamin– B and protein. Our body stays energetic and through this our resistance stays strong.

The protein and vitamin B in the egg also helps to keep our hair healthy. The vitamin B that exists in the body nourishes the hair by increasing the biotin element found in the body, which ends our hair loss problem. And protein nurtures hair and increases their growth.

Along with this, vitamin B likewise helps in the development of red cell in the body, due to which there is no lack of blood in the body and our body avoids the issue of anemia.

Vitamin-A in eggs likewise assists our eyes maintain health. Consuming eggs every day keeps our eyes safe and removes glaucoma, cataracts, and blurring problems.


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