World Photpgraphy Day
World Photpgraphy Day

World Photography Day is commemorated on August 19 to honor the history of photography. This day was originated from the innovation of the daguerreotype. The first photographic process developed by Frenchmen Louise Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1837. On January 9, 1839, the French Academy of Sciences (FAS) first announced about the daguerreotype process. On August 19, 1839, the French government took it’s patent and said that the invention is a free gift to the world, without any copyright. Photography is a great type of art that helps us to record memories. The origination of this word photography has Greek roots.

Photography is also considered to be a fantastic hobby It enhances your creativity and photography abilities. So, on this World Photography Day, let’s find out why it’s excellent a hobby.

Here’s why photography is good as a hobby.

  • There is no age limitation to start this hobby. You can do this whenever you want with any kind of camera device. There doesn’t require an expensive camera. If you enjoy photography even with your phone camera, then go ahead.
  • You can take challenge yourself as much as you can. There are endless methods, tasks, equipment for photography. So, you will constantly get to find out new way.

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  • You start seeing numerous tiny information to use them in your photos like shadow, patterns, frames, colors, etc. This hones your observation skill.

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  • There is constantly a desire to catch new moments. It could be a home event or hangouts with buddies, you will seek opportunities to capture memories.
  • There is no restriction to catch a moment. You have the full flexibility to capture it as you want. There are no specific patterns to discover photography. Simply be imaginative.
  • Throughout photography sessions, you will get to meets new peoples constantly and gather new experiences.
  • Taking a trip would be additional fun as you have your camera with you to catch something new anywhere you go.
  • You can develop your own design and be innovative with it when there is no guideline in photography.


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