According to the report of Klaxon, the team of scientists of Wuhan Institute along with Pakistan is conducting experiments on deadly microbes.
According to the report of Klaxon, the team of scientists of Wuhan Institute along with Pakistan is conducting experiments on deadly microbes.

A dangerous preparation has been revealed by China and Pakistan. They have been testing dangerous germs since 2015 to make biological weapons. This deadly plan is being carried out under the cover of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The Wuhan Institute of Virology of China, entrenched in controversies over the origin of the corona virus, has been tasked with this task.

As reported by Klaxon, the team of scientists from Wuhan Institute along with Pakistan are conducting experiments on deadly microbes. This test has been going on in Pakistan for the last about five years. It was revealed last month that China and Pakistan have signed a confidential agreement for three years to increase the capacity of biological weapons. Five studies conducted by the Wuhan Institute and Pakistani scientists have been published in Scientific Papers. Each study has given details about the identity and symptoms of zoonotic microbes. These germs are contagious, which can reach humans from animals. These studies include West Nile virus, Mars-Corona virus, Crimea-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, Thrombocytopenia syndrome and chikungunya virus have also been included. There is currently no effective treatment or vaccine to get rid of these microbes. Many of these viruses are considered extremely deadly and contagious.

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What is CPEC

China’s ambitious project is Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The CPEC project is under construction under the BRI itself. Under this billion-dollar project, Pakistan’s Gwadar port is to be connected to China’s Xinjiang region.

Blood samples taken for

According to the report, blood samples were collected for the five studies of thousands of Pakistani men, women and children who live in remote areas and work with animals. In a study, the National Virus Resource Center in Wuhan has been exposed to provide virus-infected Vero cells. The cooperation of CPEC is also mentioned in each study.

Tests being conducted in Pakistan

Klaxon was quoted by reliable sources last month as saying that China is testing lethal biological agents in Pakistan through the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He is also giving extensive training to Pakistani scientists in this regard. Potential biological programs can be enriched by this step.

Double purpose of agreement

A confidential agreement has been reached between the two countries. Under this, the Pakistan Army and China are researching emerging infectious diseases. The dual purpose of this alleged agreement is being understood. This means that these research is being done for military and civilian use.



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