Facebook removed 2.1 crore posts last year, this year in the three months of April-June, it removed 2.5 million posts.
Facebook removed 2.1 crore posts last year, this year in the three months of April-June, it removed 2.5 million posts.

The world’s largest social media company was still in controversy over data leaks. But, now its name also came into political controversy. It started with a report published in an American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”. The report claimed that Facebook had helped the BJP and the RSS in the election. The claim also claimed that Facebook intentionally “hit speech” of BJP leaders. Ignored the post.

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In this report, the Wall Street Journal also cited the post of T. Raja, a BJP MLA from Telangana. Wrote that Facebook’s policy director in India, Ankhi Das, opposed the removal of the inflammatory post of T. Raja. Opposition also, so that the relationship with the BJP does not deteriorate.

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Questions have been raised about the fairness of Facebook after this entire controversy. But, Facebook says that her policy is the same all over the world and she does not see the status of any political party. The opposition is also aggressive about this whole matter. The Congress has demanded a JPC ie Joint Parliament Committee to investigate the matter.

What is Facebook’s policy regarding this latest controversy of Facebook? Facebook shows how ‘strict’ about hate speech. Will try to understand this through this report.

What is Facebook’s policy?

Facebook has created some community standards to prevent misuse of social media. It has been told that what kind of content is allowed to post on Facebook and not in what way. One of these community standards is ‘hate speech’, that is, inflammatory statements or in simple words any post that spreads hatred.

Facebook does not permit the posting of content of hate speech on its platform. If you write on Facebook against any religion, against any person, against any caste or gender, then Facebook either removes it itself or removes it when other users report it.

Facebook’s strictness regarding hate speech, Facebook

released a report on August 11 about community standard enforcement. In this report, Facebook gave data from the April to June quarter that it took action against Hate Speech and how many posts that went against its community standard?

According to this report, Facebook took strict action against 2.25 crore posts of hate spreading during three months between April and June and removed them from the platform. However, this data is global. That is, of the whole world. The company does not release data on how many posts were removed from India.

Oddly enough, between April and June, Facebook removed as many posts related to hate speech, as many posts were not removed in a full year in 2019. Last year, Facebook removed 2.12 crore posts.

Now most of the content is being removed before other users report

Facebook. If you believe Facebook’s report, then now it removes most of the content related to hate speech before any other users report. Actually, it happens that whenever a user posts a content, other users can report their post if they want. Facebook removes the post after reports from several users. And many times it happens that if a user’s content is against his community standard, Facebook removes it on its own.

Between April and June last year, Facebook removed about 71% of the content by itself. But, from April to June this year, Facebook removed 95% of the content by itself.

If the content is removed, but later some restores

would have been done, users also have the right to appeal against the content that Facebook removes. If Facebook has removed any of your posts, you can also appeal against it. If he feels that the post has been deleted by mistake, Facebook also restores it again. And many times Facebook automatically restores deleted posts.

According to a Facebook report on August 11, between April and June, Facebook deleted 1.52 million of the posts it deleted. Of these, Facebook restored 1.47 lakh posts on its own, while 4.4 thousand posts were restored after the appeal of the user.



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