Binod Mems
Binod Mems

For the past several days, ‘Binod’ has been trending very fast on social media. People are constantly tweeting and posting it. Apart from this, many brands are also capitalizing on the name ‘Binod’. Despite being very trendy, most people do not know who is Binod and why it is trending. Actually, Binod is a fresh meme, which has emerged on social media. Everyone is using it to send messages in a creative way.

The country’s largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI) has also used the name ‘Binod’ to make people aware of online safety during banking operations. In a tweet the bank wrote, in which the bank wrote, ‘If all behave like binods during online work, then the incidence of fraud with them will be very low’. Also, SBI wrote that Binod likes to share his name on social media and not his bank details.

At the same time, many companies including Paytm have for a short time replaced their official Twitter handle with the much more popular internet trend ‘Binod’. This happened in response to a request by a Twitter user Gabbar Singh in which he asked Paytm to change his name on Twitter. Gabbar wrote, ‘Paytm, can you change your name to Binod?’ In response, Paytm wrote ‘Dun’ and binned his name on Twitter.

Apart from this, many police departments have also participated in this internet trend and work to bring awareness among the people. The Mumbai Police warned people to keep their names as passwords and asked them to change it after looking at online safety. At the same time, the Jaipur police made people aware of traffic rules and corona virus through the viral internet trend ‘Binod’.

Actually, there is an interesting thing behind Binod’s becoming an internet trend. Binod is a person named Tharu, who writes his name i.e. ‘Binod’ every time in the comments section of YouTube videos. After this, a channel named ‘Slay Point’ uploaded a video called Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage on 15 July. People like Binod were pulled in it. Only after this name started trending.


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