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Mental Health

Mental Health: Definition | Symptoms | Common Disorder

Mental Health Mental health describes your emotional and psychological health. Having good mental health allows you lead a comparatively happy and also healthy life. It...
Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder: Learn Everything You Need to Know About

Bipolar Disorder What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mental illness marked by extreme changes in mood. Symptoms may include a very elevated mood known...
Seeing the work of both office and home, stress is there, instead of getting stuck in it, find an option to get out of it. Here we are sharing with you some tips which are quite effective.

Try these formulas to be happy with relieving stress

The long list of work and negative environment are some of the reasons that work to give you stress even if you don't want...
Organ Donation Day 2020, This Day aims to encourage peoples to donate their valuable and healthy organs after death to save lives.(Photo - Ask Apollo)

Organ Donation Day 2020: Important, Date, History, Significance of Organ Donation

Organ donation day is observed on August 13th every year. This Day aims to encourage peoples to donate their valuable and healthy organs after...
Bone Marrow Cancer Cancer is a disease that is difficult to treat as well as painful. Also, awareness about different types of cancer is also necessary.

Bone Marrow Cancer: What is Bone Marrow Cancer? Learn leukemia symptoms and treatment

Lifestyle Desk. Bone Marrow Cancer: Cancer is fast becoming a common disease worldwide. It is a condition where abnormal cells divide uncontrollably into the...
Most people are worried about not only overwriting at work from home but also back and back pain. So by applying cream spray, instead of making it temporary, some changes can be made by fixing the Permanent.

Waist and back pain has caused a lot of trouble, know the treatment

Working for several hours sitting can cause back pain, but for this, lying down and taking painkillers is not the right treatment at all....
Cleaning the tongue is as important as brushing. Do not miss it at all because they also indicate many diseases. Know the different colors and associated signs of the tongue.

The color of the tongue tells what is lacking in the body and which...

Cleaning the tongue is also as important as brushing in the morning because the food gets stuck in the teeth and sticks to the...
Vitamin-E Oil Benefits This oil can be used in many ways from head to toe. Vitamin-E can cause fat to your body in many ways.

Benefits of Vitamin-E oil for the skin, use it in 5 ways

Lifestyle Desk. Vitamin-E Oil Benefits: Vitamin-E capsules, also known as Evion, are rich in health properties. This oil can be used in many ways...
National Red Wine Day (Photo - 614now )

NATIONAL RED WINE DAY 2020: About Red Wine, History and how to observe

NATIONAL RED WINE DAY 2020: On August 28th, National Red Wine Day Introduce the flavors of fall. As the grapes ripen and signal a...
Mothers Day 2020, Mother's Day is being celebrated on May 10 and Bollywood celebs are also remembering their mother through social media.

Mother’s Day 2020: someone shared poetry and someone shared photo

New Delhi. Today is Mother's Day and everyone is sharing photos, memories related to their mother, poetry, or emotional posts with their mother on...