Coronavirus Fear or Confusion about Vaccine
Coronavirus Fear or Confusion about Vaccine! See what doctors said.

Coronavirus Vaccination: Immunization campaign is going on across the Country to prevent Coronavirus Vaccination corona infection. Initially, Covid-19 vaccine is being provided to health workers. But some people are hesitant in this vaccination campaign. The situation is that in Uttarakhand the graph of vaccination is continuously decreasing. On Tuesday, 1882 health workers were vaccinated in the state. The number was 1961 on Monday, while 2276 on Saturday. 6119 persons have been vaccinated in three days at 34 health units of the state.

Experts are recommending that both India-made vaccines Covishield and Covaxin be completely safe to prevent corona infection. State Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat himself has also said that people should get into any kind of confusion about the vaccine. At the same time, the vaccinated doctors and other health workers are also saying that the vaccine is safe, because they have not had any adverse effect after the vaccine. So much so that some people have complained of mild fever after being vaccinated. Which experts are describing as a natural process. They say that it is wrong to spread confusion or panic about fever. Everyone should come forward to get free vaccine.

Mental satisfaction after vaccination: Dr. Meghna

Dr. Meghna Aswal, senior woman and obstetrician at Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital, says that she has not had any problems after being vaccinated. It also brought mental satisfaction with new energy. That is because the vaccine workers will consider themselves to be safe to a great extent and those coming in contact with them at home or hospital will also be less prone to infection. Dr. Meghna says that there should not be any misconception, fear or nervousness about the vaccine. Everyone should feel free to get vaccinated. So much so that even after vaccination, guidelines related to Covid-19 should be followed. Because antibodies take time to form in the body.

No confusion in mind: Meenakshi

Nurses Association President Meenakshi Jakhmola says that one should not be afraid to get Corona vaccinated. The day the health worker gets vaccinated, he should reach the designated center (medical unit) to get the vaccine. There should not be any confusion in the mind about the vaccine. Because even after being vaccinated the person is kept under the supervision of specialist physicians for half an hour. So that if anyone is adversely affected during this time, he can be given immediate treatment.

Get vaccinated boldly: Dr. Khatri

Dr. MS Khatri, deputy MS of Doon Medical College Hospital and State Coordinator of Corona got the vaccine on Tuesday. He has a problem with diabetes and hypertension, but despite all this, he was free to get vaccinated. Dr. Khatri said that there should be no confusion in your mind about the vaccine and stay away from rumors. The vaccine is completely safe. So get vaccinated boldly. All the safety parameters are being taken care of during vaccination. So that there is no problem. Partial immunity will begin to form ten days after the first dose of the vaccine. The vaccine will be effective to a great extent by 28 days. Ten days after the second vaccination, that is, 40 percent of the antibodies will become 40 days after the first vaccine.

Learn Covaxin Advisory: Bharat Biotech Warns People, don’t take vaccine if you have these medical conditions | The Complete Fact Sheet

The side-effects to Serum Institute’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin are ‘less than negligible’ as compared to other Covid-19 vaccines, Niti Aayog member Dr. VK Paul said on Tuesday. Addressing a press conference, Dr. Paul tried to dispel the fear of vaccination among health workers, which has led to alarmingly low turnout at some vaccine centers across India.

“While the World Health organization is clamoring to provide vaccines to priority groups in other nations, our doctors and nurses are declining the vaccine. It is a very serious situation. I am sad, and I request them with folded hands – We need to start our non-Covid services also. Health care workers need vaccination because they can’t be at risk,” Dr. Paul said.

Dr. VK Paul said that he has taken Covaxin and he has felt zero side-effects till date.

During the presser, the Union health ministry revealed that so far India has immunized over 4.4 lakh people. In one day, India managed to vaccinate over 2 lakh people, which is highest in the world. The United States had vaccinated around 5.56 lakh people in the first week of vaccination drive; the health ministry officials said India will achieve that figure by the end of day 4 on Tuesday.

The health ministry revealed that Lakshadweep (89%), Sikkim (85%), Odisha (82%), Andaman and Nicobar (81%) and Telangana (80%) were among the better performing states/UTs in terms of immunization while Punjab (27%) performed worst in last three days.


The health ministry assured that India has a robust system to manage adverse events following immunization (AEFIs).

“These are fairly low and the lowest so far in the world in the first three days,” the health ministry said.

Even anxiety or losing consciousness due to hysteria is being lodged as an AEFI.

“In comparison, Pfizer vaccine has resulted in 0.6 per cent adverse events,” Dr Paul said, adding that the two vaccines being administered in India were developed on a very safe platform.

“For the two ‘made in India’ vaccines, I would like to use the term less than negligible – in side effects as compared to other vaccines,” Dr. Paul said.

The Niti Aayog member said that India was lucky to be organizing the vaccination drive when the Covid-19 caseload is low. “India is fortunate enough to be running this vaccination campaign when our cases are less. In September last year, it got very bad,” he said.

Dr. Paul stressed the urgency to move towards herd immunity, which can be achieved when the majority of the population is immune to the disease. “We need to open schools, we need to move ahead,” he said.


On being asked about who gets to decide if Covishield or Covaxin will be administered to beneficiaries, the Union health ministry said it was the states. “States decide which vaccine they want. Centre delivers vaccines to states and then the respective government decide which vaccine centers will get how many vaccines,” a ministry official said.

The key difference between Covishield and Covaxin administration is follow-up. In the case of Covishield, the follow up is passive whereas, in case of Covaxin, a doctor calls the beneficiary every day and gets health update, the official said.


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