Daughters Day

National Daughter’s Day

Happy Daughter’s Day 2020: On 27 September this year, Daughter’s Day is being celebrated in India. This day is special for daughters. On this day, parents give gifts to their daughters and make the whole day special for them. This day specially dedicated to daughters. The day is celebrated on different days in different countries.

When is Daughter’s Day celebrated?

Every year Daughter’s Day (National Daughter’s Day) is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September, which is on 27 September this year. At the same time, World Daughter Day is celebrated on 28 September.

  • India: September 27
  • USA: September 27
  • UK: September 27
  • Canada: September 27
  • Germany: September 27

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Why is daughter’s day celebrated?

Daughters Day is celebrated to show special love for daughters. Not just for daughters, son (Son’s Day, 11 August), mother (Mother’s Day, 10 May), father’s (Father’s Day, 21 June) and even grandparent’s day once a year A special day has been kept.

Why do we celebrate daughter’s day in India?

However, one of the main reasons for celebrating Daughter Day in India is to make people aware of daughters. This day is specially celebrate to spread awareness and educate Indian peoples not to teach daughters, to kill them before birth, to save daughters from domestic violence, dowry and rape. Make them realise that daughters are not a burden, but an important part of your life.

How to celebrate daughter’s day?

On normal days, you could take them out to make this day special for daughters, but in this era of corona virus, you can buy them out right, but definitely a gift. The whole family can sit together and watch movies on Netflix or Amazon. Even food can be ordered from outside. You can fulfill any special wish of your daughters. The most important thing on this day is to make them realize how special they are for you.

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5 Best Gift Ideas for Daughter’s Day

A daughter is someone who fulfills your heart with love and joyful presence makes your home lively. So, to make your daughter happy, surprise her with exciting gifts.


Makeup Set

Girls are always fond of cosmetics and they really love to wear it. So, gifting make-up to your daughter would be an excellent choice. You can order a variety of products on online makeup websites. You can buy lipsticks, eyeliner, multicolored Kajal, compact, foundation mouse and many more.



You can present her some fashion accessories to your daughter, it could be hand bracelet, hairclips, bandana, anklets, nose rings and much more.


dress for girls

Whatever the celebration is, girls love to receive dresses as a gift. Gift your daughter an attractive Anarkali, jumpsuit, bold casuals, trendy top, stylish high waist jeans or a fashionable gown.

Greeting cards, and personalized gifts:

Gift Cards

Greeting cards and customized presents are the sweetest options for any kind of occasion. You must give her a tailored gift if your daughter loves to click images. You can give her a customized coffee cup, cushion, bracelet, cake, bed sheet and so on

Smart phone and its accessories:

Smart Phone

In case your daughter has purchased a new phone, buy her a unique mobile back cover, phone holder or exciting stickers. If she having problem with her old phone, how about a new one to stun her.


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