Depression and Stress may reduce the effect of Corona Vaccine
Depression and Stress may reduce the effect of Corona Vaccine.

Depression and stress may reduce the effect of corona vaccine

The corona virus epidemic is now growing rapidly. Meanwhile, people are being vaccinated worldwide to prevent corona. Vaccination campaigns have started in many countries of the world. Vaccination is going to start in India from January 16 too. Meanwhile, scientists around the world are engaged in research on the corona vaccine and its effects.

Scientists have claimed in similar research that the effects of the corona vaccine may be reduced by problems such as depression and stress. Scientists say that depression, stress and loneliness can weaken the body’s immune system, and therefore the corona vaccine may be less effective on such a person’s body.

According to a report accepted for publication in the journal Perspective in Psychological Science, simple interventions, including exercise and achieving a good night’s sleep 24 hours before vaccination, can maximize the vaccine’s initial effectiveness.

Researchers said that even though rigorous testing has shown that COVID-19 vaccines approved in the US are highly effective in producing a strong immune response, the effects will not be immediately seen in everyone.

He stated that environmental factors, as well as a person’s genetics and physical and mental health, can weaken the body’s immune system and slow down the response to a vaccine.

Annelis Madison, a researcher at Ohio State University in the US, said that in addition to the physical toll of the Covid-19, the epidemic has an equally disturbing mental health component, which causes anxiety and depression, among many other related problems. The lead author of this article, Madison, stated that such emotional stress can affect a person’s immune system, impairing their ability to ward off infection.


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