Facebook condemns any hatred and bigotry and the company has an unbiased view of content
Facebook condemns any hatred and bigotry and the company has an unbiased view of content

Ajit Mohan, Head of Facebook India, says that ‘Facebook has always been an open, transparent and non-partisan platform. Where people can express themselves freely. The company condemns hatred and bigotry in any form, and policy decisions are made after factoring in ‘local sensibility’. ‘ The statement comes at a time when the company is being accused of political bias. Let me tell you that in a recent news published in American newspaper Wall Street Journal, it was alleged that Facebook’s content policy favors the ruling party in India. After this it has become a political controversy.

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In a blog post on Facebook after being engulfed in political controversies, Facebook India head Ajit Mohan has issued a statement. In this statement, he has clearly stated that the company is a non-partisan platform and will continue to remove posts that violate community norms. He also said that in the last few days, the company has been accused of bias that ‘we implement our policies in a biased manner. We take these allegations seriously and want to make it clear that we condemn hatred and bigotry in any form.

Ajit Mohan also said that ‘we implement our policies globally regardless of one’s political status, party affiliation or religious and cultural belief. We have removed material posted by people in India that violates our community standards and we will continue to do so in future. ‘ The statement also said that ‘there is no room for hate speech and hate haters on our platform and we have a fair attitude about it.


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