Refresh your wardrobe collections according to these popular fashion trends
It is very important for those who are up-to-date in fashion to know which trends are going to be in the new year and which are going to be out. So let's know every detail related to color to fabric.

Fashion Trends 2021: If the year is new, then everything should be new. In this year full of expectations, it certainly will not happen, so why not design your style according to the coming trend.

Color of the year 2021

2021 will be the year of colors. To remove all the negativity of last year, a bright yellow like sunflower, red like apple, orange like sun, hanging in the corner of sky in the evening, must be in your wardrobe. Apart from this, you must also keep pink like baby’s cheeks and mother’s pampered white.


After choosing the color, keep in mind that the fabric should be such that you do not have to work very hard, because the epidemic is still not completely finished. So choose fabrics like cotton, linen, georgette that are easy to wash and dry. Craps, silk and brocade can be kept for any function or special place.

In and out

This year marks the return of polka dots. This popular print of the past is trending again. Evergreen Floral Prints will also find a place in Wardrobe this time. In addition, geometrical print will also occasionally make an appearance. As far as style and cuts are concerned, midi will remain in maxi dresses. Along with the simple neckline, this time there will be all kinds of experiments about shoulder, with balloons, asymmetrical cuts and elbow sleeves in the trend. Outfits like Plazo, Ankle Length Pants, A Line Kurta, Kalidar Kurta with Minimal Neck Details will make it a place for people of all ages and classes. The saree will also be liked in its new avatar. Apart from the simple regular blouse, this time along with shirt, long kurta, colors will be seen on festivals.


In 2021, not many people will be seen at the work place. Most work will be done from home, so cool and comfortable outfits like pajamas, cropped wide-leg pants, one piece denim dress etc. will gain popularity among professionals.


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