FILEWALL by odix
FILEWALL by odix

FileWall launched by odix, new protection tool for MS Office 365 Mail attachments

Protect your Microsoft 365 email attachment for less than $1 per month

Cyber security company odix launched new tool FileWall. They launched it for small and medium businesses (SMBs). FileWall provides malware-disarming facilities against file-based attacks. The technology has been available before only for enterprises.

Israel-based company odix, known for their Enterprise CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology.

Why FileWall need for Microsoft 365 mail?

Generally malwares are deliver using email. Malware is a malicious code. Hackers generally hide in it and spread via stranded office document files. Everyday new unidentified malwares are launch and spread online. they are manage to bypass the standard surveillance systems. Which use detection-based techniques for anti-malware.

The problem is, these malware infected files is not always supplied by suspicious sender, sometimes can be send by trusted sender. A company employee somehow received an affected file and forward it accidentally. Around 34% cyber attacks involve employee within the organizations.

What FileWall offers?

FileWall is NextGen malware protection technology for advance threats

FileWall ™ by odix offers an useful plugin based on its patented algorithm for removing malware hidden in files. FileWall application block the infected file for the user, Instead of trying to detect a known malware. the FileWall ™ service disarms malware and provides a cleaned file for risk-free usage. FileWall ™ provides a reliable malware prevention solution against both known and unknown malware attacks and manages all inbound email traffic including internal emails.

The FileWall™ advanced email attachment security add-on for Microsoft 365 mail includes:

  • Seamless deployment- one click service activation
  • Advanced email attachments protection technology, handling both internal and external senders.
  • FileWall ™ does not alter any of Microsoft sender related safety capabilities
  • Deep file inspection capabilities (archive, password protected etc).


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