California Wildfire (Photo - CalMatters)
California Wildfire (Photo - CalMatters)

Large-scale wildfires have caused havoc in the US state of California. More than 1 million acres of land was set ablaze in this fire. During this time thousands of residents have been evacuated from there. So far, in a week, about one million acres of area has been burnt down, while hundreds of houses have been destroyed. Firemen are working day and night to extinguish the fire.

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A fire broke out on 15 August

The fire is constantly taking terrible forms. In view of the situation, the National Weather Service has announced Red Flag Warning in the bay areas from Sunday morning to Monday afternoon. In the fire on August 15, 4046 square kilometers of area has been burnt so far. Seeing the spread of fire, US President Donald Trump announced federal aid to the state. Governor Gavin Newsom issued a statement saying that counseling, home and all other help would be provided to all those people.

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Fire due to celestial lightning

So far, 4046 square kilometers of area has been gutted in the fire in the forests of the state due to celestial electricity. The fire has caused the most damage in the Gulf of San Francisco and the forests of northern San Francisco.

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5 people have died so far

5 people have also died in this fire and about 700 houses have been destroyed. Many people have to leave their homes and stay in camps. On Friday, 13,700 firefighters from 10 states were engaged in constant efforts to extinguish this terrible fire from the ground and sky. The US Army and National Guards are also cooperating in this work.


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