Happy Hug Day 2021
Happy Hug Day 2021: Sending these love messages and putting status on Facebook, WhatsApp.

The sixth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Hug Day. That is, on 12 February. Like Rose giving Rose Day, Chocolate on Chocolate Day, Teddy giving Teddy Day, Hug Day is celebrated to expressing love.

When two people hug each other, their brains release the love hormone called oxytocin. It is also known as the happy hormone and the chemical reduces your stress level. Moreover, hugging gives a boost to your immunity and heart health. Hugs make you happier and reduce your fears. It can also lower anxiety in people with low self-esteem.

Love once is not just a life partner or girlfriend, boyfriend but it includes every person who matters in your life and who you love. So this time due to Corona, you may not be able to embrace them but you can give virtual hugs by sending these love messages and putting status on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Happy Hug Day Wishes

  1. You are my life my life

You are another name for my comfort.

Happy Hug Day!

Happy Hug Day 2021 image
Happy Hug Day 2021 (Image-Jagran)

2. Don’t hurt my heart so much,

Don’t torture my arms so much,

Do not hide your love so much

Fire is on both sides

Come take me in your arms.

Happy Hug Day.

3. Drops of water are soaking the flowers,

The cold waves are creating a freshness,

Become involved in these too,

A lovely morning wakes you up.

Happy Hug Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021: Latest Wishes, Images, Quotes and Messages

4. Have seen you since I am not in the heart

Even if today I break all the rituals of the world,

I want your help, I want your hand,

I want you to stay in my arms day and night.

Happy Hug Day.

5. Some would call it magic,

Somebody say love it,

Chance is beautiful,

Come hug my friend

Happy Hug Day

Happy Hug Day 2021 photo
Happy Hug Day 2021 (Photo-Jagran)

6. When you hug someone, its nothing,

When someone hug you, its something,

When you love someone and they love you back,

Its everything.

Happy hug day

Happy Hug Day 2021: Make this day fun and memorable in a different way

Happy Hug Day Messages

A hug is a priceless gift, which helps to grow and love unconditionally. Happy Hug Day love!

I want you in my arms always! Happy Hug Day!

You can’t wrap love in a box but you can surely wrap your love in arms. Happy Hug Day!

When no pills and medicine could save you, at that time only a hug of love and warmest feeling could save you. And you gave me that. I love you. Happy hug day!

Just give me a tight hug. I need it from you my love of life. Thank you for being there for me every time. You are beautiful part of my life and always will be. Great hugs from me!

A tight hug a day keeps the doctor away. Prescription for life. Happy Hug Day!

The easiest solution to any difficult problem- Hug them tightly. Happy Hug Day!

On this special day of love, give me a tight hug and promise to stay with me forever. Happiest Hug Day!

My arms are open to hug you close to my heart. Happy Hug Day!


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