History of 13th August (Photo-bulletinscore)
History of 13th August (Photo-bulletinscore)

This day in the pages of history proved to be a milestone for the country’s aviation industry. On this day in 1951, the first aircraft made in India, Hindustan Trainer 2, took the first flight. Production of the two-seater aircraft for the Indian Air Force and the Navy began in 1953. There was not much time for the country to get independence, so designing this first aircraft by Hindustan Aeronautics was a big achievement in itself. The aircraft was also used by Indian aviation schools for military purposes.

A series of other important events recorded on the date of August 13 in the history of the country are as follows: –

1598: Henry IV, the ruler of France, issues the eminent order of Nant. On the basis of this order, Protestant Christians were given full religious freedom.
1642: Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens discovers the peak of Mars’ south pole.
1645: Sweden and Denmark sign peace agreement.
1784: Pitt’s India Bill introduced in the British Parliament for administrative reforms in India.
1814: Agreement between Britain and Holland to end the slave trade.
1891: Three brave warriors of Manipur, Tikendrajit Singh, his brother Agnesh Sena and General Thangal were hanged by the British ruler on their own soil.
1892: American newspaper Afro American begins publication in Baltimore.
1898: The US Army, led by George Dewey, captures the Philippine capital of Manila.
1902: England beat Australia by one wicket and register a famous victory at the Oval.
1913: Harry Brearley Sheffield of England invented stainless steel.
1951: Hindustan Trainer 2, the first aircraft designed and manufactured in India, took its first flight.
1956: National Highways Bill passed in Lok Sabha.
1960: Africa becomes independent from French occupation.
1993: Peace agreement between Israel and Palestine in Washington.
1993: 114 people died after a hotel collapsed in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.
1994: Historical consensus between the United States and North Korea regarding nuclear disarmament in Geneva.
1999: Banned by the Bangladesh government on the new book Aamar Maibela (My Childhood) by writer Taslima Nasreen.
2008: Tata Steel, the world’s leading steel company, entered into an agreement with two major companies to jointly build a steel complex in Vietnam.
2008: India successfully test-fired the multi-barrel rocket Launwar (MBRL) weapon system Pinak.


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