21 August, Today in History (Photo - KOAM)
21 August, Today in History (Photo - KOAM)

Today, the history of 21 August is both happy and sad. On the same day Usain Bolt, a Jamaican athlete, who proved his reign by winning the 100-meter gold medal in three consecutive Olympics, was born. At the same time, Ustad Bismillah Khan took a stand from this world.

Bharatratna Bismillah Khan’s house is currently in the news

  • Even today, when shehnai is mentioned, I remember Bharatharatna Bismillah Khan. He died on this day in 2006 at the age of 90. Currently, his house in Varanasi remains in the news. The reason is its renovation. Actually, the financial condition of Bismillah Khan’s family is not good.
  • The house is also dilapidated. Because of this, the family wants to use it commercially. However, when this was revealed, the administration was active. Currently its breakdown has been canceled. His adopted daughter, Padmashree Soma Ghosh, says that the maestro had turned down US President Ronald Reagan’s invitation to settle in the US to sleep comfortably on a bedstead.

Salman was caught today in the Wildlife Protection Act

  • The Parliament of India passed the Wildlife Protection Act of India on 21 August 1972. The aim was to stop the illegal hunting of wildlife, illegal trade for meat and skins. In the year 2003, making some changes to it, the penalties and fines were hardened.
  • This law protects not only wild animals but also listed birds and plants. Two years ago, Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in a black deer hunting case under the same law. However, he was later granted bail.

Apart from this, this day in history is also remembered for these events: –

1790: Dindigul of Tamil Nadu was captured by the East India Company army led by General Meadows.
1915: In World War I, Italy declared war on Turkey.
1938: The teaching of Jewish teachers in public and high schools in Italy is banned.
1944: Representatives of America, Britain, Russia and China met for the first time to plan the United Nations Organization.
1957: The Soviet Union tests the world’s first inter-continental ballistic missile R-7 Semeyorka.
1959: Hawaii becomes America’s 50th province.
1986: Around 2000 people died due to the poisonous gas from the volcanic eruption in Cameroon.
2005: A ceasefire agreement is signed between Bangladesh and India’s Border Security Force personnel.


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