Ginger is a common active ingredient in every Indian household. Be it tea, ‘Chutney’, or curry for dinner, Indians love to spice up their food and make it flavorsome with Ginger.

Apart from being used in food, Ginger also has some medicinal characteristics. When dried, it can be utilized for making medicines and dealing with cough and cold.

Dry ginger is likewise used as a spice in Indian kitchens.

Most of you should understand those usages. Nevertheless, what you may not know is Ginger can be contributed to Do It Yourself beauty formulas. If you see Ginger in your cooking area, feel free to attempt these “beauty dishes” and experiments for better skin and hair.

Note: Ginger has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory homes. It might not be suitable for all skin types. If it causes itching, inflammation, or inflammation, clean it off right away. Prefer using it on a patch of skin for testing.

Here we opt for the easy skin and hair care methods utilizing ginger.

1) Hair Growth method

Better blood flow in the scalp helps hair follicles to nurture and promote faster hair growth. It likewise assists to increase hair volume making them glossier and bouncy.

How to prepare?

For preparing the serum, chop some ginger into fine pieces and run them into a mixer with some water. Utilize a cotton fabric to separate the liquid of ginger from the paste. Add one spoon of castor oil and olive oil into the liquid. Mix well and apply it on roots. Use lukewarm water to wash it off in 1-2 hrs.

2) Hair and Body Massage strategy

A ginger oil massage after an exhausting day can bring you comfort and assist you unwind. You can make this ginger oil at home.

How to prepare?

Chop some ginger in a bowl and add some fresh or dried increased petals. Pour a cup of almond or coconut oil because bowl and mix well. Put the mixture in a container and permit ginger to settle. Leave the jar in a cool location. After a week, heat the oil, stress the ginger pieces and save the oil in a glass jar. Massage this oil on legs, hands, hair, and body.

3) Healthy skin technique

If you have acne, pored or unequal complexion, you can make a scrub in the house to treat your skin.

How to prepare?

Prepare a ginger paste and include it to a mixture of 2 tbsp olive oil and 3 tablespoon brown sugar. Mix all 3 well and use it to your skin. Rub it in a circular movement for a minute. Wash it off with water.

If you have pimples, dull or oily skin, ginger will spice up your face and bring the glow back. It can even brighten the conclusion. Prepare a face mask by drawing out ginger juice from the ginger paste. Include this juice in a bowl and put 2 tbsp raw honey. Apply the mask on your face and wash it off in 10-12 mins. Apply moisturizer on your face after washing off the mask.

4) bathing salt technique

For making your bath a pleasant experience, you can use ginger to make a DIY bath salt.

How to prepare?

Grate a piece of ginger and add a cup of Epsom salt. Include a few lemon drops for refreshing fragrance in the ginger mix and put it in your bathing tub or container. Leave it in there for 20 mins prior to taking a bath. It will assist in revitalizing your body and mind and getting rid of stress.

These are some simple techniques you can utilize in the house to make your skin, body, and hair feel special.


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