Indian Cooking Food Tips: How To make Dhokla In A Microwave Within 15 Mins
Indian Cooking Food Tips: How To make Dhokla In A Microwave Within 15 Mins

The ultimate Gujarati snack, spongy and soft dhoklas just can not be missed. Here is how you can make dhokla in your home in a microwave within a couple of minutes!

Most of the snacks we feast on are oily, full and heavy of fat, however if you go deep down regional foods of India, you would reveal a few of the best snacks to enjoy. Gujarati food, for example, is among the oldest Indian regional foods. The bunch of healthy snacks that the food has, just make Indian food one of the most healthiest and multi-faceted foods all over the world. Reference of Gujarati food is never ever complete without the light, fluffy and soft Dhokla.

This popular Gujrati snack has actually made a permanent location in an Indian snack platter across the world. Feather-light dhoklas beautifully put on a platter – with all their fluff, a generous drizzle of chutneys with fiery green chillies on top, finished with a crackling tempering – is undoubtedly a delight to enjoy! Generally, made with a fermented batter of gram flour (besan) and mild spices, dhoklas are cooked in a healthy way and are fantastic any time of the day. One can serve in breakfast or perhaps as a tea-time snack.

Here is an amazingly easy dhokla recipe you can try in your home.

This fast and simple microwave dhokla recipe has besan, ginger paste, chilli paste, salt, sugar, oil and turmeric beaten well with sour curd up until a smooth batter. It is stirred well with fruit salt and poured into a greased microwave-friendly dish to be prepared or about 6-8 minutes. Meanwhile, you can prepare a tantalising tadka with rai, kadhi patta and green chillies. Put it over dhokla pieces together with coconut and coriander leaves right before to serving.

About Microwave Dhokla Recipe: The classic Gujarati special and one of the most popular snack, Dhokla is not just a favourite in India however is much loved across various nations too. The light yet filling snack is best for evening snack and when unexpected guests arrive, just work up the batter and this healthy and fast Dhokla will save the day.

How to Make Microwave Dhokla

1. Mix the besan, ginger paste, chilli paste, salt, turmeric, oil and sugar and beat in the curds. Beat till smooth.
2. Add the water and mix well again.
3. Add the fruit salt, stir gently and pour instantly into the greased microwavable dish, cover and cook at HI for 6-8 minutes, rotating the dish once.
4. Heat the oil for the tadka, add the rai, kadhi patta and green chillies. Saute till slightly colored, and add 1 cup water.
5. Cut the dhokla into desired sized pieces and pour the tadka over. Garnish with the dhania and coconut and serve.

Key Ingredients: 1200 W Microwave, besan, ginger paste, Green chilli paste, salt & turmeric, sugar, oil, sour curd, water, fruit salt, rai, Kadhi patta, green chillies, Oil, Dhania, Coconut

Make your tea-time snacks all the more wonderful with this simple dhokla recipe in the house.


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