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India Coronavirus Updates: Record more than 5 thousand cases in 24 hours


The central government has extended the nationwide lockdown till May 31 due to Coronavirus. Several states will issue guidelines regarding lockdown 4 today.

In the last 24 hours in the country, more than 5 thousand new cases of coronavirus have been reported and 157 people have died. According to the Union Health Ministry, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country has increased to 96,169. Out of this, 36,824 people have been cured, while a total of 3,029 people have lost their lives so far. At the same time, there are 56,316 active cases of coronavirus.

Red, Orange, Green, Buffer and Containment Zone
In lockdown 4.0, now the state governments will decide which red, orange, and green zones are in the state. Simultaneously the buffer zone and containment zone will also be decided. State governments will take these decisions in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Health.

Letter to Mamata Banerjee of Shivraj Singh; letter
Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has written a letter to West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee requesting him to inform the Ministry of Railways about the need for a special train for Indore-Kolkata for migrant workers residing in Indore.

The special train reached Delhi from Bihar
A special train has reached New Delhi Railway Station from Rajendra Nagar railway station in Patna. A passenger who reached Delhi said that I had gone to Patna on 21 March and was stuck there after the lockdown. I am happy to be back here. I thank the government for running the special train.

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Lockdown 4 extended till 31 May
In the midst of the Corona crisis, the central government extended the lockdown to 31 May. As per the guidelines of the Center, all schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, malls, swimming pools, gyms, and all types of social, political, and religious programs will remain closed till 31 May. Apart from this, the curfew will continue from seven in the evening to seven in the morning.

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