Consumption of fruits provides energy to the body, makes the immune system better.
Consumption of fruits provides energy to the body, makes the immune system better.

Lifestyle Desk. Fruits contain the most important nutrients for health. These nutrients play an important role in the physical and mental development of children. Consumption of fruits provides energy to the body, makes the immune system better. Come, know today what is the benefit of consuming which fruit….

It contains anti-oxidants. It prevents the free radicals formed in the body, thereby preventing cancer from colon, breast, prostate, etc. It is rich in tartaric, malic, and citric acid. These help in maintaining the alkaline element of the body. The glutamine acid present in it increases memory power.

It is found in high amounts of potassium and magnesium, which helps in blood pressure control. Orange contains fiber, which is helpful in controlling cholesterol. It contains antioxidants, which protect against infection. Orange is rich in vitamin C.

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It contains elements called papain enzyme and beta carotene, which help to make the digestive system fit and healthy. It is also an ejaculatory medicine. Cancer can also be avoided by eating it, because it contains an element called beta carotene. Jaundice patients should eat ripe papaya daily.

By eating this, our body gets vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, calories, magnesium, carbohydrates, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, protein and vitamin B1. According to a scientific research, eating regular apples keeps us from cancer. Many toxic substances like glass, mercury, etc. are expelled from the body due to its regular intake. Red apple contains an anti-oxidant element called quercetin, which strengthens the immune system.

It contains a carotenoid compound, which reduces the risk of blindness. It contains plenty of fiber, which improves digestion. It contains potassium, which keeps blood circulation fine and keeps the brain fit and alert. Banana is a great source of vitamin B6, which strengthens the nervous system.

It contains a treasure of fiber. Fiber makes the digestive system strong. The element called pectin provides relief from constipation. It contains abundant iron, which increases hemoglobin levels. Some compounds are found in it, which work to reduce cholesterol. It contains a good amount of anti-oxidant and vitamin C, which improves disease immune system.

Drinking its juice or syrup eliminates the problem of high heat and sweating. Bile disorders are cured by peeling pineapple and eating it in small pieces. Drinking pineapple juice daily reduces obesity, because pineapple juice melts fat and expels it. Pineapple juice proves beneficial in bacterial diseases of the throat and mouth. It works to strengthen bones and provide energy to the body.

Regular intake of grapefruit juice for some time can provide considerable relief from the migraine problems. Its intake is very beneficial in high blood pressure. Many nutrients are found in grapes such as glucose, magnesium, and citric acid. It is beneficial in diseases like TB, cancer, and blood-infection.


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