More than two lacs infected in Italy after US-Spain, know the state of the world

In Italy, the worst affected European country by the Corona virus, more than two million have been infected.
In Italy, the worst affected European country by the Corona virus, more than two million have been infected.

Rome. In Italy, the worst affected European country by the Coronavirus, more than two million have been infected. Italy has become the third country in the world after the United States and Spain with more than two lacs infected. One million are infected in the US and more than two and a quarter lakhs in Spain. At the same time, in view of the decrease in infected cases, many more countries including Spain and France are also planning to relax the lockdown. So far, more than two lakh 14 thousand people have died due to this epidemic worldwide and more than 31 lakh have been infected.

Number of dead and new cases also increased in a day

In Italy, the number of deaths and new cases in one day has also increased. In Italy, 382 deaths were recorded on Tuesday and 2,091 new cases were reported. On Monday, 333 people were killed and 1,739 new cases were found. So far 27,359 people have died, while 2,01,505 have been infected.

Many countries including Spain and France are making a roadmap for exemption from lockdown

France and Spain, the two countries in Europe most affected by the epidemic, have started creating a roadmap to exempt the lockdown. In Spain, 301 people died in the last 24 hours. This is three times less than the death of 951 people on April 2. So far, 24 thousand people have died in the country. Epidemic countries want to speed up their deteriorating economy by exempting lockdowns. Along with this, the big question is, when will the schools open?

French President Emmanuel Macron wants the school to reopen from 11 May. But teachers and parents are worried about health hazards. The government, however, says that it is up to the parents to decide whether to send their children to school or not. Spain has also allowed children younger than 14 years to leave their homes for one hour since last Saturday. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said that if the epidemic deaths continue to decrease in a similar way, the lockdown will be relaxed in four stages from May 2. He expected the situation to return to normal by the end of June.

Relaxation started due to lockdown in Australia

Australia has started easing from the lockdown. The country’s largest populous province, New South Wales, on Tuesday allowed locals to visit other beaches, including the famous Bondi Beach. In addition, the provincial government conditionally allowed people to go to the neighbors’ homes. A concession has also been given to take the children along with each other to their homes. According to Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt, in the last 24 hours, only one new case has appeared in the country. He said that the country is on the verge of victory over Corona. There have been more than 6,700 cases of corona infection in Australia. 88 people lost their lives in the epidemic.

Transition to end in South Korea

The transition in South Korea, which was once the most affected by Corona after China, is now heading towards an end. On Tuesday, the number of new cases for the tenth consecutive day in the country was less than 15. Encouraged by this, Health Ministry officials said that the lockdown rules could be relaxed. However, in view of the festivals next week, the authorities cautioned people not to mistake the country as free from infection. There have been over ten thousand cases of infection in South Korea and 244 people have died.

Rapidly increasing infection cases in Russia

During the last twenty-four hours, more than six thousand cases of infection were reported in Russia and 72 people died. The number of infected patients in the country has increased to more than 93 thousand. The lockdown in Russia ends on 30 April. President Vladimir Putin has to decide whether to pursue it or not.

One minute silence kept in Britain

A minute of silence was observed in Britain on Tuesday in memory of health workers and other employees who lost their lives during the Corona epidemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who won the Coronas government again, paid tribute at 10 Downing Street at 11 am. So far 82 people associated with the National Health Service have died in the country. Many of them were of Indian origin.

528 new cases in Singapore

– The death toll in Turkey has reached 2,992. 92 people died on Tuesday. 1,14,653 people have been infected.

– 528 new cases have been reported in Singapore and the number of infected has increased to 14,951.

– Coronavirus is also spreading rapidly in Pakistan. So far, more than 14 thousand people have been infected.

Most affected countries

Countries – Deaths – Infected

America 57,862 – 10,22,259

Italy 27,359 – 2,01,505

Spain 23,822 – 2,32,128

France 23,293 – 1,65,842

Britain 21,092 – 1,57,149

Belgium 7,331 – 47,334

Iran 5,877 – 92,584

Germany 6,174 – 1,59,137

China 4,633 – 82,836

Brazil 4,603 – 67,446


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