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Covid Toes – light blue or purple marks in the foot


Many kinds of research have come to the fore about coronavirus and its patients and many researches are still going on. So far, 211597 people have died in the whole world. In all the research that has come out so far, it has been revealed that some patients do not show the initial symptoms of this virus. Therefore, such people are the biggest threat to society and the world. Let me tell you that the World Health Organization revealed its symptoms in China only after its havoc. Accordingly, cough, cold, and fever are its initial symptoms. When this happened, the organization immediately advised to show up at the hospital. But now the US Department of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has added some more symptoms to it.

In addition, the Canadian Pediatric Surveillance Program (CPSP) of Canada has warned doctors and patients that blue or purple marks on the feet of children may be symptoms of the Coronavirus. So do not ignore them. Physicians Have named it ‘Covid Toes’.

According to the CDC, some of the symptoms that were initially reported in the coronavirus patients now need to be addressed. The CDC has warned the doctors and people of the world that if a person has a headache, shivering, sore throat, muscle tension and the taste of the mouth is deteriorating or weakening the ability to smell it, then, in any case, it is not light Take it. In case of any such complaint, seek medical advice immediately or reach the hospital for testing of coronavirus.

In a statement issued by the CDC, it is said that there are very few complaints of nosebleeds in corona infection. Sneezing is also not considered a symptom of Korana at the moment. The World Health Organization has also mentioned this. Some patients in the US have seen coronary heart problems when corona infection increases. Apart from this, blood clotting has also been reported in some patients.

The information has been revealed about the deaths of people due to blood clotting in 10 hospitals under the Emory University Health System in the US Atlanta province. Some patients have also suffered from heart attacks and brain strokes. According to the news agency Reuters, some such patients have come in front of doctors of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York who were infected with the coronavirus and had to face such a problem.



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