Geneva. Now many countries of the world are also watching the World Health Organization with suspicion about the novel coronavirus. Indeed, an independent investigation has been demanded by Australia and the European Union for information provided by WHO regarding the data and information related to the epidemic. It has been proposed through a draft presented at the two-day 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting that begins on May 18 that the WHO is giving correct information about the epidemic or not. 62 countries in the world, including India, have supported the joint effort of Australia and the European Union.

62 countries, including India, have submitted a draft that proposes a fair, independent, comprehensive, and phased review of the functioning of WHO during the coronavirus. Australia has prepared this draft demanding an investigation. Apart from India, it has been endorsed by Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, and all 27 EU members.

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According to the draft presented there is a crisis situation in countries around the world due to the coronavirus, therefore, a fair, independent and comprehensive investigation of WHO has been demanded. Last month, Australia was the first country to demand an investigation into how the coronavirus was introduced. However, this draft does not mention China or its city of Wuhan, from where the epidemic is considered to have started. The major countries supporting the draft EU are Japan, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Korea, Brazil, and Canada. All 194 WHO member states and observers are involved in the World Health Assembly meeting held on the coronavirus. The World Health Assembly takes place every year in May in Geneva.


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