World Children Day 2020
World Children Day

What is World’s Children’s Day?

World Children’s Day is also called Universal Children’s Day. This day is promoted as well as coordinated by UNICEF and the United Nations Children’s Fund which also works in the direction of the improvement of children’s welfare.

World Children’s Day: History

In 1954, World Children’s Day was first established as Universal Children’s Day and is made a decision to celebrate it on 20 November every year. The General Assembly on 14 December 1954 by the resolution 836 (IX) advised all the nations to set up a Universal Children’s Day as a day of around the world society and also understanding in between children. Today is also committed to advertising the suitable and also goals of the UN Charter and also the welfare of the children of the world.

On this date, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Children in 1959. When the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, and it is also the date.

Because 1990, World Children’s Day marks the anniversary of the date when the UN General Assembly adopted both the Affirmation and also the Convention on children’s rights. Let us tell you that this year is the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Children

About 1989, Convention on the Rights of the Children.

It is the world’s most commonly ratified human rights treaty in history. On 20 November a number of nations collaborated and promised to safeguard children’s rights. The Convention concentrated on that are the children, what are their rights and the obligations of governments. It also mentions that all rights are linked and can not be eliminated from children.

According to the Convention, children are not just things who belong to their parents and also for whom decisions are made, or adults in training. Rather, they are human beings and also individuals who have their own rights. Additionally, it is pointed out that childhood is different from adulthood and also lasts up until 18. It is an unique time in which children are allowed to expand, learn, create as well as play. No question, the convention became one of the most ratified human rights treaty that is accepted globally and also assisted in changing children’s lives.

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The Convention motivated governments to transform regulations and also plans and make financial investments to look after the health and wellness of the children and nutrition that is needed by the children to endure and establish. Also, it is essential to shield children from violence as well as exploitation. It also made it possible for the children to have their voices listened to and join their societies.

Children and COVID-19

The entire world has been struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. A pandemic that began in China spread across the world within a month and also asserted the lives of several people. As a result of the outbreak, a lockdown was imposed in the country and people were forced to remain indoors.

Normal life came to a standstill, several people consisting of children felt mental tension. Adapting to changes as well as approving the ‘new normal’ took a toll on the mental health of several people.

From attending classes online to not going out for playing, children also had a hard time as a result of the outbreak as well as fought concerns. Continuous initiatives have to be made to make sure that the mental health of children does not take a hit. Parents and educators should strike discussions with children to help them as the country wages a battle against the pandemic to guarantee their wellness.

Why do we celebrate World Children’s Day?

World Children’s Day celebrated on 20 November each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and also strengthening children’s welfare. A time to celebrate as well as a time to demand activity for child rights.

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World Children’s Day Significance

The United Nations have said that mothers and fathers, doctors, teachers, nurses, government leaders and also civil culture lobbyists, spiritual and neighborhood senior citizens, business moguls and media specialists, in addition to young people as well as children themselves, can play an important part in making World Children’s Day appropriate for their societies, areas as well as countries. The day is considerable around the world as it provides a significant message in a fun way. The day advocates and celebrates children rights and asks for activities that build a much better world for children.

World Children’s Day Importance

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the celebrations of World Children’s Day 2020 will certainly be performed in a different way. Mostly, the celebrations will be done online. Parents will be spending time with their kids to commemorate World Children’s Day 2020. The pandemic has actually led to a children rights crisis. If they are not addressed and also go undetected, the results might last a lifetime.

  • Children are the future as well as now emphasis on the education of children.
  • It guarantees rights to the children.
  • This day increases awareness as well as spreads knowledge of what truly children face worldwide. There are countless children who do not have access to education, healthcare or opportunities.

World Children’s day 2020 theme

” Investing in our future means investing in our children

United Nations (UN) provides a particular theme every year for World Children Day to promote awareness among children, togetherness and improving children’s welfare.


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