Chhath Puja 2020
Chhath Puja Guidelines during Corona period, these things are useful for you. Many states have imposed certain restrictions on the Chhath Puja celebrated across India.

Chhath Puja 2020: This evening Mahaparva Chhath of Lok Aastha is starting from Nahay-Khay. This time due to the outbreak of Corona epidemic, people are avoiding gathering in public places and it is also necessary for rescue. This time many state governments have also issued guidelines for Chhath Puja in view of the rescue from Corona. Just as we have observed Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali in the Corona period, we need to be vigilant in Chhath Puja as well. In such a situation, we telling you how you can do Chhath Puja at home and get its full fruits, so let’s know about it.

How to do Chhath Puja at home

Adherence to social distancing

If you want to observe Chhath Puja then you should follow social distancing. In such a situation, you have to avoid crowded places along the banks of the river or pond. For this, you should make some preparations.

1. It is important to offer argha to the sun god in Chhath Puja. In such a situation, make arrangements to offer argha to Sun God at home. For this you should use the plastic bathtub available in the market.

2. You can use artificial ponds, large urns or laundry tubs at home to offer argha.

3. If you have permanently installed the sixth Maiya on the banks of the pond or river, then clean it up there this time. Then light the lamp in the same way.

4. Prepare a sixth Maiya at home with clean soil. Worship them with the law.

5. Avoid going to big markets for the contents of Chhath Puja. Send one family member for shopping. Ask them to go with mask and sanitizer too.

6. After returning from shopping, ask them to bathe and change clothes. Then clean their clothes separately.

7. If you already have new clothes, use them only in Chhath Puja. Avoid going to the market.

8. This time Chhath Puja has started by a month due to Malmas. Getting a cold, which is considered suitable for corona infection. In such a situation, you must wear warm clothes, do not be negligent in it. Health care negligence can prove to be a corona infection. Take full care of yourself.

9. For Chhath Puja, take bath at home this time. If you want, mix Ganga water in water.

This festival is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm, especially in North India. It is a major festival of states like Bihar, UP, Jharkhand. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s celebration won’t be the same.

Many states have placed a ban on the congregation and religious rituals citing Covid spread.

Here is a list of States that recently issued guidelines for Chhath Puja celebration at public places:

Uttar Pradesh – Yogi Aditya Nath government has issued an advisory for the Chhath Puja celebrations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and has urged devotees to perform rituals within their homes. In case they want to celebrate it outside, it should be done near their homes.

The government has also asked authorities to ensure proper arrangements of ambulance and drinking water. It said that the focus should be on ensuring that people follow social distancing norms during the rituals.

Jharkhand – Two days after banning religious ceremonies and congregations during Chhath Puja, the state government has now allowed the same. The decision was taken after the state government was criticized by opposition leaders over the guidelines.

However, Chief Minister Hemant Soren has sought the cooperation of the devotees and urged them to celebrate the festival at home as much as possible.

Bihar – Chhath Puja holds an important significance in Bihar, hence the state government has asked authorities to clean certain demarcated lakes for the occasion. The government has urged devotees to follow all norms of social distancing, especially while offering ‘argha’ to the Sun.

Food stalls and decorative lights at public places have not been allowed. Devotees are being discouraged from sitting at riverbanks during Chhath rituals.

Delhi: No Chhath Puja rituals will be allowed at public places in the national capital like riverbanks and ponds. Amid the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday refused to lift the ban on the same saying ‘a person has to be alive to celebrate any festival.’

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has already issued an order in this regard.

Mumbai: The Mumbai civic body has not allowed Chhath Puja celebrations on lakes, riverbanks, and beaches this year because of the pandemic. It has urged devotees to avoid large gatherings and perform rituals at their home.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that the decision has been taken as it will be difficult to ensure social distancing norms if people will gather in a large number of rituals.

Odisha – The state government has prohibited mass celebrations including bathing at river banks. Chief Secretary A K Tripathy has issued an order stating the large gathering during Chhath Puja has potential for coronavirus spread.


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