Narendra Modi from Ram Mandir PM Modi said that it was very natural for me to come here because Ram kaj kine binmohi where rest.
Narendra Modi from Ram Mandir PM Modi said that it was very natural for me to come here because Ram kaj kine binmohi where rest.

History has been created in Ayodhya today. After years of court cases, the foundation of the Ram temple in Ayodhya has been laid today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday performed Bhoomi Poojan of Ram temple in Ayodhya. PM Modi performed pooja at Hanumangarhi reaching Ayodhya, after which he saw Ramlala. Many guests including Mohan Bhagwat, Yogi Adityanath attended during the Bhoomi Pujan. Each guest was given a silver coin bearing a picture of the Ram Darbar. On completion of the Bhoomi Pujan program, the Prime Minister applied Ayodhya’s soil to his forehead and bowed. PM Modi began his address with Siyawar Ram Chandra Ki Jai. He said that the Ram Janmabhoomi has been liberated today due to the breakdown and rise that has been going on for centuries. The temple of Shri Ram will become the modern symbol of our culture. In his address, PM learned to take inspiration from Ram.

Grand temple will be built

For years, a grand temple will be constructed for our Ramlala living under sack and tent. Breaking and then getting up, Ram Janmabhoomi has been freed from this interference going on for centuries. The whole country is thrilled, every heart is deep. The wait of centuries is ending today. Every person associated with the holy movement of Ram Janmabhoomi, who is watching the event wherever it is, is very proud and is blessing everyone, companions Ram is buried in our mind.

Ram is formed in our mind

PM Modi said that see the amazing power of Lord Ram. Buildings were destroyed, there was a lot of effort to eradicate existence, but Ram remains in our mind even today, the basis of our culture. Shri Ram is the dignity of India, Shri Ram is the dignity Purushottam. Rama is carved in our mind, mixed with us. If we want to do some work, then we look to Lord Ram for inspiration.

Ram Kane Kine Bin, where is the rest

PM Modi said that it was very natural for me to come here because Ram Kaj Kine Bin Mohi where rest. India is creating a new chapter in front of Lord Bhaskar on Saryu today. Today, this victory of Shri Ram is not only heard in the land of Siya-Ram, it is echoed all over the world. Congratulations to all the countrymen, crores of devotees spread all over the world on this opportunity today.

When humanity accepted Rama, development took place

PM Modi said that we have to ensure that the message of Lord Shri Ram, the message of our thousands of years tradition, how to reach the whole world continuously. How the world is familiar with our knowledge, our life-vision, it is the responsibility of all of us, our present and future generations. We have to keep in mind, when humanity has accepted Rama, development has happened, when we have wandered, the paths of destruction are open. We have to take care of everyone’s feelings. We have to develop with everyone, with everyone’s faith.

Ram temple will inspire for eternity

He said that I am confident that this grand Ram temple, built in Ayodhya, like the name of Shri Ram, will reflect the rich heritage of Indian culture. The Ram temple to be built here will inspire the entire humanity for eternity. The PM said that even today there are dozens of countries outside India, where Ramkatha is prevalent in the language of that place. I believe that today even in these countries, crores of people will have a very pleasant feeling with the start of construction of Ram temple. After all, Rama belongs to everyone, everyone is there. Ram of Tulsi is Sagun Ram, then Ram of Nanak and Kabir is Nirgun Ram! Lord Buddha is also associated with Rama, so this Ayodhya city has also been the center of faith of Jainism for centuries. This omnipresence of Rama is the life character of unity in India’s diversity.

Ram will meet in various forms

PM Modi said that Ram will meet in different forms. He is the source of unity in India’s diversity. Ram is in Tamil, Malayalam, Bangla, Kashmir, Punjabi. He further said that many people of the world consider themselves connected with Rama. Details of Ram Katha will also be found in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran. In Nepal and Sri Lanka, Ram has a close relationship. Rama is created in every form of the world.

Ram is in favor of modernity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the character and ideal of Lord Shri Ram is the path of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ramrajya. Ram favors modernity. With the inspiration of Rama, India is moving forward today; whenever humanity has accepted Rama, development has taken place. Wandering has resulted in destruction. We have to build a self-reliant India with determination.

PM Modi also mentioned the Tamil Ramayana

During this, PM Modi also mentioned the Tamil Ramayana. He said that now we have to move forward. Do not be late. This is the message of Shri Ram for today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended his address with a cheering of Siapati Ramchandra. The PM said that I believe that this temple of Lord Rama will continue to inspire and guide humanity for ages and years.

Bhumi Pujan among the dignities

The Prime Minister said that Shri Ram’s temple will become a modern symbol of our culture. It will become a symbol of our eternal faith, a symbol of national spirit. This temple will also become a symbol of the collective power of crores of people. Shri Ram is the dignity of India, Shri Ram is the dignity Purushottam. He said that today the program of Bhoomi Pujan is taking place amidst many limitations. The example of dignity should be presented in Shriram’s work, the same example has been presented by the country. This example was also set when the Supreme Court delivered its verdict.

Bow to those who sacrifice

The PM said that this day is a unique gift of a just and fair India to truth, non-violence, faith and sacrifice. This process of construction of Ram temple is an initiative to connect the nation. He said that the movement for the Ram temple was devoted, there was sacrifice, there was also struggle, there was also resolution. Today, I salute them on behalf of 130 crore countrymen whose sacrifices, sacrifices and struggles are making this dream come true.

Planting of Parijat plant

Prime Minister Narendra Modi prostrated to Lord Rama at the site of Ramjanmabhoomi and offered prayers. The Prime Minister planted the Parijat plant at a distance of a few steps from Ramlala Virajaman. After planting trees, the Prime Minister left for the place of worship. During this puja, 9 rocks were worshiped, besides Kuldevi Kali Mata, Lord Rama was also worshiped. For this, water from more than two thousand places and more than 100 holy rivers and hundreds of kunds were brought. 

Pooja in Hanumangarhi

PM Modi’s helicopter landed at the helipad at Saket College campus, barely 500 meters from the Ramjanmabhoomi campus at 11:30 am. From here, Prime Minister Modi first reached Hanumangarhi. There, he saw Lord Hanuman, the Ram devotee and performed his aarti. After circumambulating the temple, he bowed before Hanuman. Gaddinshin Shrimanat Premadas of Hanumangarhi welcomed PM Modi with a silver crown and Ramnami. CM Yogi should also be present with him during this period. From Hanumangarhi, the Prime Minister’s convoy left for the birthplace complex. There he performed Bhumi Pujan and foundation stone of the Ram temple.



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