Sushant Singh Rajput death case investigation
Sushant Singh Rajput death case investigation

Sushant Singh Rajput died two months later. It is still not clear whether he was killed or he committed suicide. On the other hand, the investigation in this case has gone out of the Mumbai and Bihar Police into the hands of the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate. The CBI has also started an investigation. The Central Investigation Agency first questioned Neeraj Singh, the cook of Sushant. 10 such characters associated with this case, who are on the CBI radar: –

Character Number 1: Neeraj Singh, cook

Sushant’s death is also a big cook, Neeraj, who has been working in his house for 8 months. Rhea was hired by Neeraj a few months ago. Neeraj has been interrogated by Bihar and Mumbai Police. Neeraj had told in an interview that Sushant had asked for water from him on the day of the suicide and then he went to the room.

Neeraj had told that Sushant had a staff of 12 people, out of which he had fired some people. Neeraj had also told that Sushant had gone to the room on the day of the incident. After this he knocked on the room, but no reply came. He left again after half an hour. Keshav Bacchaner did the same. He had also called Sushant twice, but did not reply. Then his sister was called.

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Character number 2: Keshav Bachner, cook

Keshav had been with Sushant for one and a half years. According to media reports, Keshav was hired by Rhea. This is the person who last spoke to Sushant and gave him juice to drink. Only Keshav can explain the state of mind before Sushant’s death. The CBI may interrogate Keshav soon.

Character Number 3: Siddharth Pithani, Room Partner, Friend

Siddharth was working as a creative content manager. Sushant had hired Siddharth to create graphics in his company Vividage RealityX. The company was run by Sushant along with his girlfriend Rhea and his brother Shovik. It was Siddharth who first saw Sushant’s body hanging from the fan and called his sister Mitu. He has told the police that it was on Meetu’s instruction that he brought down Sushant’s body and checked his breath. Siddharth has been questioned twice by the Mumbai Police and ED.

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Character Number 4: Deepesh Sawant, Home Care Taker

A big character in Sushant Case is Deepesh Sawant. According to media reports, this person has been missing from the house after the interrogation of Bihar Police and Mumbai Police. The ED team also summoned it for questioning. The ED wants to know from Deepesh how the amount was withdrawn from Sushant’s bank account in the last two to four months and what was Rhea’s role in withdrawing money from the bank. Ripesh was also hired by Rhea. Dipesh’s brother says that he has not been at home for a few days.

Character Number 5: Chabiwala

After the death of Sushant, the first outsider to reach his house was a keywallah. News channel TV-9 discovered him on Thursday. He told that on June 14, he was called by Siddharth Pithani. In 10 minutes he had reached the house in Bandra. The lock of Sushant’s room opened in less than a minute and Siddharth asked him to pay the money. He wanted to look inside the room, but was not allowed to see it. About 1 hour later the key person received a call from the police station again. He recorded his statement.

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Character number 6: ambulance man

On June 14, Akshay takes Sushant’s body from the room down to the ambulance. In an interview to Zee News, Akshay said that as soon as he entered Sushant’s room, he saw that the actor’s body was already taken down from the ceiling and kept on the bed. According to the police, he wrapped the body in a sheet and took it down from the building with the help of some people on the stretcher.

Akshay had said that there was some problem in the wheelchair of the ambulance, due to which Sushant’s body was not fit in it. Therefore, a second ambulance was immediately called to the spot and then proceeded to the front. The CBI can interrogate Akshay while recreating the events of that day.

Character Number 7: Shruti Modi, Manager

Shruti used to manage Sushant’s finance and film work. Shruti has been questioned twice by the Enforcement Directorate and the Mumbai Police team. They have given information related to Sushant’s work and his investment to both the investigating agencies. Shruti told the Mumbai Police that all the decisions of Sushant were taken by Rhea. Shruti also worked as Rhea’s talent manager. Sushant’s name is also mentioned in Sushant’s father’s complaint of fraud in Bihar.

Character Number 8. Samuel Miranda, Manager

Samuel was Sushant’s house manager. He used to keep accounts of the employees working in the house and expenses. Samuel was not questioned by the police, but the ED recorded his name in the complaint. Sushant’s father has also named Samuel in his complaint. Samuel was questioned by the ED on August 5 and August 6. His statement has been recorded in the money laundering case. Samuel was also hired by Rhea.

Character Number 9: Shovik Chakraborty, Rhea’s brother

Shovik was a partner in Sushant’s two companies. Sushant’s father has been accused in the FIR. After Rhea, Shovik used to take all decisions on behalf of Sushant. Shovik was run by the actor’s graphics company. He also used to go out with Rhea and Sushant. Mumbai Police has interrogated Shovik twice and the Enforcement Directorate 3 times. It was once questioned for 18 hours.

Character number 10, Rhea Chakraborty, girlfriends

The most important character in Sushant’s life is Rhea Chakraborty. Rhea is also named in the FIR lodged by the CBI. Rhea had said in the petition filed in the court that she was in a live-in relationship with Sushant.

He has been questioned by the Mumbai Police and the Enforcement Directorate team 2-2 times. Rhea was also a partner of the late actor’s three companies. Sushant’s father has accused him of abetment to suicide and fraud of Rs 15 crore. He appealed to the Supreme Court to transfer the case against him in Patna to Mumbai, which was rejected.




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