33 centimeter 'deep mark' was found on the neck of the actor
33 centimeter 'deep mark' was found on the neck of the actor

The autopsy report of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, this report mentions the ‘ligature mark’ near his throat. Ligature mark is called ‘deep mark’ in common language. It is usually of a ‘U’ shape, which indicates that the throat is tightened with a rope or something similar. Meanwhile, Sushant’s post-mortem report has questioned his father’s lawyer Vikas Singh. He said that the details of the things which were mentioned at the time of death are not in the post-mortem report. He also said why the postmortem report did not have the time of death.

Key points of Sushant’s postmortem report

  • No bruises were seen on Sushant’s body.
  • No bone was broken around the throat and head.
  • The PM report does not mention the time of death.
  • The corona test of Sushant’s body was also not done.
  • The actor’s neck circumference was 49.5 centimeters.
  • A 33-cm long ‘ligature mark’ was found under Sushant’s throat.
  • The rope trail was 8 cm below the chin.
  • The thickness of the scar on the right side of the throat was 1 cm.
  • The thickness of the scar on the left side of the throat was 3.5 cm.

Advocate Vikas Singh’s question about PM report Advocate Vikas Singh of
Sushant’s father KK Singh has questioned the post-mortem report, saying that this report contains a lot of jhol. There is a need to expose the hidden secret in this bag. The PM report does not mention the time and juice of the actor’s death. There is no mention of the scar on Sushant’s face in the report.

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AIIMS team will investigate autopsy files

AIIMS has constituted a five-member medical board of forensic experts on Friday to examine the files of Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy. The CBI sought AIIMS opinion on the matter on Friday. Dr. Sudhir Gupta, head of the forensic department of AIIMS will lead this team. “We will look into the possibility of murder, although all possible angles will be investigated in depth,” he said.

He said that by looking at the scars on the body of Sushant, he would be matched with circumstantial evidence. “The preserved viscera will be investigated,” Gupta said. The medicines being given to Rajput to relieve depression will be analyzed in the AIIMS laboratory. “


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