WhatsApp is going to rename its most special and old feature Archived Chats soon. This information has been received from Web Beta Info. According to the Web Beta Info, WhatsApp will soon rename its most special and old feature Archived Chats as Read Later.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently launched many new features for its users. These include features such as WhatsApp payment, advanced wallpaper and shopping buttons. It is now reported that the company is going to rename its old feature Archived Chats. This information was obtained from Web Beta Info, a site tracking the upcoming feature of WhatsApp.

😱 WhatsApp is replacing Archived Chats with “Read Later”!

“Read Later” is an improved version of “Archived Chats”, with changes for notifications and it includes the “Vacation mode”.

It will be available in a future update on WhatsApp for Android! https://t.co/Lr8GVKNVbZ “rel =” nofollow

According to Web Beta Info, WhatsApp will soon rename its most special and old feature Archived Chats as Read Later. Apart from this, notification will also be changed with the addition of Vacation Mode mode to this feature.

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According to Web Beta Info, users will see the read letter feature in the top section of the chat. Currently, testing of this feature is going on. The company is expected to release it in late December or early January.

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Disappearing Messages feature launch

Let us tell you that WhatsApp launched the Disappearing Messages feature earlier this month. This feature will automatically delete users’ old messages and chats after reading them. The specialty of this feature is that it automatically deletes the messages coming on your WhatsApp within 7 days. Explain that it works exactly like the features present on Gmail, Telegram and Snapchat. If you use these platforms, then you must be aware that the Disappearing feature is already present in them.

If you want to use this feature, then for this you have to go to your WhatsApp account and activate it. If you turn on the Disappearing Messages feature, your chat will automatically disappear within 7 days. If you do not want to make your chat disappear, you can also turn this feature off.


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