Google Tracking
Google even knows where you go and what you search for. You hardly believe this but it is true. You can stop it if you want. Today we will show you how to turn off Google Location Tracking here.

Google is a platform that we all use today to know about anything. Because we believe that the information available on Google is 100 percent accurate. But it is Google that keeps an eye on our smartphone every moment. Google even knows where we are going and what we are searching for. Actually, this platform uses our data only to improve its services, so that we can get accurate results. If you do not want Google to track your location, today we will be able to tell you a way here, through which you will be able to block it. Let’s know.

How to stop location tracking

Explain that there are two options to turn off location tracking. In the first type of option, the permission of location data of all the apps on your device will be blocked.

First option to block permission 

  • User has to go to the settings of Android smartphone
  • After this, you have to click on location data
  • Then the location can be turned off by swiping left of permission. Similarly, location permission can also be turned on

Permission blocking second option 

Location tracking can also be turned off by turning off the location history feature of Google account. This will allow all Google apps and services to be closed with a single swipe.

  • Have to click on the settings option of Google account
  • After this, click on Manage your Google Account
  • After this, click on Privacy & Personalization of Google Account
  • Clicking on the Location History of Activity Control section
  • After this, the location history can be turned off by swiping left.
  • Close location of a particular Google app 
    • If you want to turn off location permission of a particular app, then you have to change the setting in this way.
    • Click in android phone’s settings app
    • Then tap on the location
    • After this, the app to whom you want to grant permission for location access, can swipe it right on. Or can block


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