Corona Research
Corona Research

US researchers have genetically altered the lab to make a virus that looks like a corona, just from protein. It is very mild and does not spread corona epidemic. This virus will produce antibodies to fight the corona in humans. The virus will be used for testing of drugs and vaccines worldwide.

The virus is named VSV (vesicular stomatitis virus). It has been prepared by Washington University School of Medicine. According to the researchers, if the virus infects healthy cells, the antibodies produced in the body target it, just like in the case of corona. In this way, attempts are being made to prepare antibodies in the body to fight the corona.

Like this made it like corona

  • Researchers removed the top protein of the new virus VSV and put it on a coronavirus spike protein. The virus was thus designed to be a duplicate model of the corona (VSV-SARS-CoV-2). In the new virus, only the protein of corona was used, the gene that made the disease fatal was not inserted.
  • How would this work, so scientists experimented. Researchers separated the anti-bodies by taking serum from the corona Survivor’s body. Later it was used on the virus created in the lab. The result was that the patient’s anti-bodies identified and blocked the new virus.
  • Researchers say that the anti-bodies that have prevented the hybrid virus will further prevent the coronavirus from being infected. If an antibody cannot stop the lab-labeled virus, it will also not be able to stop the corona.

The virus given to the
researchers for research, according to the researchers, is also spread through the coronavirus aerosol, these fine particles can prove to be quite dangerous. Avoidance is very important to avoid this. According to researcher Sean Whelan, we have sent the virus to Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Canada for use in research and we already have it in the US.

Appear 3 to 5 days of mild symptoms
According to the researchers, the virus as a model we built, it does not harm humans. It has been genetically altered. Such viruses occur in cattle, pigs and horses. It barely infects humans. Even if infection occurs, mild flu symptoms are seen for 3 to 5 days.


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