World Pharmacist Day
World Pharmacist Day

World Pharmacist Day

World Pharmacists Day is observed annually on September 25. The day, as the name indicates, is to encourage and motivate activities that support the role of a pharmacist in strengthening health around the world. It is well known that pharmacists around the whole world help people to get the best from their medicines. Additionally, they are also the people who recommend patients on how to take medicines to ensure that they are most effective.

Pharmacist has a vital role in Health Department. Pharmacists are also called chemists. They play an important role in improving the health department, strengthening health services. Today, on September 25, World Pharmacist Day is being celebrated globally. Every year FIP members take part in World Pharmacists Day. Members of the organization raise awareness regarding the activities of pharmacists in the country.

History of World Pharmacist Day

The day was founded in 2009 by the FIP Council (International Pharmaceutical Federation) at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Istanbul, Turkey.

The day of 25 September was decided because the FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) was founded in 1912 on the same date.

The objective of the day is to draw attention to pharmacies and the benefits they offer when it related to health and FIP motivates all its members to participate and make the event a success.

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World Pharmacist Day 2020 theme

Pharmacists are ready to serve the public. The significant thing about World Pharmacist Day is that every year the International Pharmaceutical Federation sets a theme. In this case, the theme of this year is ‘Transforming global health’. Let us tell you that there are more than one lakh registered pharmacists in India. The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) also gets involved extensively on World Pharmacist Day. PCI has also released a poster to mark the occasion. Apart from this, World Pharmacist Day has also been celebrated specially in pharmacy colleges.


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