Amupama Pathak death
Amupama Pathak death

In the last few months, many artists have given their lives by committing suicide. In this sequence, the news of suicide of Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak has been revealed. According to the tweet of the news agency IANS, he committed suicide by hanging himself at his flat in Mumbai. His body was found hanging in the house in Dahisar, Mumbai. The news of suicide by the 40-year-old actress has been a shock to everyone. She came live on social media just a day before her death and was seen by her fans.

In her Facebook Live, Anupama spoke her heart in front of people. He said in his Facebook Live that no one should be trusted. In addition, he also told in his video how he has been cheated. According to the news, a suicide note has also been recovered from Anupama’s flat in which he has given two reasons for taking these steps. He wrote in this suicide note, “I had invested 10 thousand rupees in Malad’s Wisdom Producer Company on the request of a friend. The company was supposed to return my money in December 2019. However the company is reluctant to return my money.” ” He has also mentioned a man named Manish Jha in his suicide note.

Anupama told in her suicide note how Manish Jha took her two wheeler from him in lockdown and later refused to return it. In Anupama’s last Facebook post, she has written Bye Bye and Good Night at exactly 12 o’clock in the night.

What did the Facebook post say?

In her Facebook post, Anupama has said that she does not usually come to Facebook live but today she has come to share some things. He said that when someone dies, people talk a lot of things that if she would have told, some solution would have been found out. But these are all things to say. Does not solve any problem of anyone. Anupama said that you should try it yourself sometime. A person takes this kind of step when he gets tired and his brain stops working.

Anupama said in her post that I have felt these things very closely. If you go and tell someone that we are going to take such a step and we are telling you this so that after we leave you can tell this to the world. If you say so, then see what those people say. Their reaction is that why are you telling us all this. Why do you want to trouble us? Anupama has said many such things in her Facebook Live.


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