Ayodhya Ram Temple Bhoomi Pujan
Ayodhya Ram Temple Bhoomi Pujan

The entire Ayodhya seems to be immersed in the euphoria of building the grand temple of Ramlala. There is an atmosphere of preparation and gaiety in every household. Ayodhya is Ramamay before Bhoomipujan. The temples are painted. From the streets and streets to the rooftops, saffron is waving banners.

From Saket College to Hanumangarhi and Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, PM has been painted yellow on both sides of the route through which he will go from house to shop to Dharamsthal. The main venue of Sri Ramjanmabhoomi is being decorated splendidly, special flowers have been invited from Thailand.
Students of Avadh University are decorating the tableau of originality of Ayodhya with flowers, colors, urns and rangoli artifacts. On the other hand, guests associated with saint-Dharmacharya and VHP-Sangh have started reaching Ayodhya. The Trust has requested all the guests to come to Karsevakapuram by August 4.
Saryu can go to worship PM 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival will now be completely limited to religious events on the invitation of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirthakshetra Trust. The foundation stone-launch and announcements of government schemes have been postponed. They can also go to worship Saryu. They will land at the helipad of Saket College on August 5 at 11:15 am. From here, Hanumangarhi will worship for 7 minutes, then Gate No. of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. There is a 12-minute worship program in Dagbar of Ramlala from 3, from here, Bhoomipujan will be placed in the sanctum sanctorum and will keep the brick of Ram temple. There is also a 45-minute address program here. He will stay here for more than two hours, sources say that before going to the helipad after worship, he can also go to the ghat to do Saryupujan with CM Yogi. Its preparation is also being completed.

Three-day Bhoomipujan ritual will begin with Ganpati Puja today 
On behalf of the Trust, the convener of Bhoomipujan, Acharya Indradev Mishra, says that the ritual will begin on the first day after Ganpati Puja, followed by Panchagam Peeth Pujan. The next day will be Ramarcha Pooja, then altar worship will be done on August 5 before the arrival of Prime Minister Modi. They will come to the sanctum sanctorum of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi by 12 o’clock, after this, after taking a pledge, in the auspicious time, after 12 o’clock, 15 minutes will put the first brick in 32 seconds after 15 seconds. The chief priest of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, Acharya Satendra Das, says that PM Modi will worship Ramlala for 12 minutes before Bhoomi Pujan. The priest of Hanumangarhi, Raju Das says that Modi will come to Hanumangarhi and worship for 7 minutes before worshiping Ramlala.

Deepotsav will start from today
Preparations for the Deepotsav are held in Ayodhya from Monday evening. A Diwali-like atmosphere will be created here, during this time, on the appeal of the administration, preparations are made for 25 special places in Ramnagari, while businessmen and social organizations have also decorated lighting in all the tiraha-intersections in Faizabad with the preparation of Deepotsav. Millions of lamps will be burnt in the city. At the same time, ordinary people will also burn lamps outside their homes. In Rama Janmabhoomi, the students of Awadh University are responsible for the preparation of the special lamp festival.

Sanitization in Ayodhya before Bhumi Pujan
Before the Bhumi Pujan of Ram temple, sanitation work is being done in Ayodhya on Sunday. The rapid number of corona infected here has raised administration concerns. One and a half dozen positive personnel have arrived in the security of the premises, including an assistant priest of Ramlala. The help of Uttar Pradesh Fire Service is being taken in this work. Half a dozen teams have also arrived from Lucknow.

PM’s security rehearsal, 3500 security personnel deployed
On Sunday, top officials rehearsal about PM Modi’s convoy coming to do Bhoomi Pujan for construction of Ram temple. During this time there was also a team of SPG. ADG SN Sambat said that 3,500 security personnel are being deployed in Ram Nagri for security. Snipers will be deployed in the rooftops of houses and buildings around the Bhoomi Pujan site and on the VVIP route. Also, ATS command teams will also be present. Special areas of Ayodhya including the venue will be monitored through 5000 CCTV cameras with Artificial Intelligence. Monitoring will also be done from the sky through drone cameras. Security arrangements are being strengthened in view of PM’s visits and RAW inputs.

Hanumanagadhi will also have all the work Siddhartha rituals 
In the three-day Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan ritual, a program of Hanumangarhi has also been added by the Trust. Here Siddhartha was to do all the work of Hanuman ji and worship his mark to CM Yogi Adityanath on Sunday, but the program has also been postponed due to postponement of the tour due to death of a cabinet minister from Corona. According to beliefs, Hanuman ji is the founder of Ayodhya, so the construction work will be started with the worship of his mark. Now the event will be held on August 4 at 8 am.


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