Ayodhya will be sealed on August 4, 24 hours before the arrival of the Prime Minister coming to worship the land of Shri Ram's grand temple in Ayodhya.
Ayodhya will be sealed on August 4, 24 hours before the arrival of the Prime Minister coming to worship the land of Shri Ram's grand temple in Ayodhya.

Ayodhya will be sealed on August 4, 24 hours before the arrival of the Prime Minister coming to worship the land of Shri Ram’s grand temple in Ayodhya. Any type of vehicle and people will neither be allowed inside nor let out. There is also a preparation for the route diversion on the highway on 5 August.

ADG law and order will be handled by security, with two DIG level and eight SP level officers have been deployed. At the same time, the SPG took over the security of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi complex on Sunday. The team also inspected Hanumangarhi, Birla Dharamshala etc. including the route passing by the Prime Minister.
Barriers on all entryways of Ayodhya including highway, border have been demolished. Bamboo-bulls and iron barricades have been installed on both tracks of the road from the Saket Mahavidyalaya to the Hanumangarhi intersection, passing through the Prime Minister’s road route in Ayodhya, the tents on the morning of August 5 will be covered with sheets.
Not only this, security personnel are being deployed on the roofs of houses, shops and temples on this route. About 35 hundred policemen, 40 company PAC, 10 company CRPF have been called from outside for all these arrangements. Various activities of the city are being monitored by various intelligence agencies and local police, details of people living in hotels, Dharamsala, Math temples have been collected.

DIG / SSP Deepak Kumar said that from the evening of August 4, the boundaries of Ayodhya will be sealed, the entry of vehicles of any kind will be stopped. Told that all possible measures have been taken for the safety of all the guests, care will be taken not to hurt the common man. He appealed to the people to stay at home and watch Bhoomi Pujan ceremony on TV.

Home exit may be prohibited during the main ceremony
During the presence of the Prime Minister during the main function Bhoomi Pujan, appeals are being made to the local people to leave their homes. They are being requested to watch live broadcasts of Bhoomi Pujan celebrations on television. With this, no more than five people from the city will be allowed to congregate together.  Shriram Janmabhoomi

complex will have security personnel below the age of 45
The administration is calling the team from Lucknow and the entire campus is being sanitized after the coronation of dozens of policemen including assistant priest of Sriram Janmabhoomi. At the same time, security personnel below 45 years have been instructed to be deployed in the premises for the security of PM. Instructions have also been issued to CRPF, PAC for this.
Highways, barriers to the entry routes from the border to Ayodhya fell.
All possible security measures are being taken by the police administration regarding the Prime Minister’s visit to Ayodhya. The SPG has camped in the district, meeting daily with the district officials and reviewing security preparations. On the other hand, the barrier has been dropped on all the entryways of the border, from the highway to Ayodhya, they are not being allowed to enter the city without searching for the cards and vehicles. The vigil has been increased on the boundaries of Ambedkaranagar, Basti, Gonda, Sultanpur, Amethi, Barabanki districts adjoining Ayodhya, and every visitor is being monitored.

SPG and ADG Zone inspected key locations
On Sunday, the SPG team along with ADG Lucknow zone SN Sabat inspected key locations in Ayodhya. The team reviewed the security arrangements being made for the security of the heliped site and the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi campus in Saket College. Saw the barricading being built from Saket College to Hanumangarhi crossroads and directed the streets to be closed at some places. Also inspected the security arrangements made up to the Saryu coast. The team of officers also went to Hanumangarhi, Birla Mandir and inquired about the security arrangements here. During this, IG Ayodhya Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, DIG / SSP Deepak Kumar, SP City Vijaypal Singh, CO Ayodhya Amar Singh and SPG officials were present.


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