Suspended AAP councilor Tahir Hussain has confessed about his role in the Delhi riots
Suspended AAP councilor Tahir Hussain has confessed about his role in the Delhi riots

In the interrogation of Tahir Hussain, the suspended AAP councilor arrested in the North East Delhi riot case, the police has made another major disclosure. According to the police, during interrogation, Tahir Hussain confessed that he was looking for an opportunity to teach a lesson to people of other religions for almost three years.

In the February riots against the CAA and NRC, Tahir conspired to carry out his three-year-old plan. It is also mentioned in the official confession that Tahir also got the support of Khalid Saifi and PFI in executing the riots.
Police say that during interrogation Tahir Hussain confessed that Khalid Saifi told him that you have both political power and money, which will be used against people of other religions and to strengthen your community. He told that Khalid had spoken with him in this whole matter.
Tahir confessed that after the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir, Khalid Saifi came to him and said that this time we will not sit silent now. Meanwhile, the CAA law has also come with the decision of Ram Mandir. Now I feel that the water has gone above the head and now we have to take some steps.

I was in Firaq for three years …
Tahir told the police that since I became the Aam Aadmi Party councilor in 2017, I had in my mind that I can now teach a lesson to other people through politics and money. Since then, he was constantly waiting for the right opportunity. The confession states that Tahir told the police during interrogation that on 8 January, Khalid Saifi introduced him to JNU alumnus Umar Khalid at the PFI office in Shaheen Bagh. Where Omar Khalid had said that he agreed to die for the community. At the same time, Khalid Saifi said that Danish, a member of the PFI, will also provide full financial help in the war against other communities.

Khalid Saifi drove people on the streets
With this, Tahir confessed to the police that under the scheme, he had the responsibility to collect as many glass bottles, petrol, acid, and stones on the roof of his house. While Khalid Saifi, with the help of his experts, gathered people on the streets to prepare for the dharna demonstration. On the other hand, Khalid Saifi, along with his friend Ishrat Jahan, first started a dharna demonstration on the lines of Shaheen Bagh.

Demonstrations started again and again. After this, on February 4, at Abu Fazal Enclave, I met Khalid Saifi about the planning of the riots. Meanwhile, Omar Khalid said not to worry about money, PFI, Jamia Coordination Committee, many political people, lawyers and other Muslim organizations are helping us for that. He revealed that before the riots, it was decided to provoke people sitting on anti-CAA strike to get the traffic jammed. If the police or people of other religion stop this, then we will start rioting by provoking our people.

Wants big riot during Trump’s visit to India
Tahir Hussain confessed that on 17 February 2020, Umar Khalid appealed to people to take to the streets during Trump’s visit to India. At that time, Tahir was also asked to collect acid so that he could be thrown at the police. With this, Tahir prepared his laborers so that they could do the work of throwing bombs and stones in the riots.

As per the plan, Tahir had Arshad Qayyum, Monu, already living in Chand Bagh on the roof of his house, Gulfam (who had his pistol) near his office, Sharad Ahmed Haji, Liaquat Ali of Coral, his Son Rishad Ali, Mohammed Ryan Arshad of Dayalpur and Mohammed Abhiya, an electrician working in his place, besides accountants Mohammad Shadab and Rashid Saifi, had called his brother Shah Alam.


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