Ayodhya Ram temple news Two-day festival of Ram temple Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya will start from today and the ritual will be called in the evening.
Ayodhya Ram temple news Two-day festival of Ram temple Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya will start from today and the ritual will be called in the evening.

Bhoomipujan for Ram temple at Ramjanmabhoomi will be on Wednesday, but this happiness will be sweeping across Ayodhya as well as from Tuesday itself. Sriram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust has also called upon people to perform poojas, rituals and Deepotsavas on August 4 and 5 on the occasion of Bhumi Pujan. Ayodhya has resolutely called this call. Not only are the necessary resources being provided to the people by the Trust and the Sangh Parivar, including the BJP and its allied organizations to make the Deepotsav a success, but the saints and saints of Ramnagri are also committed to celebrate the Deepotsav at their level. As Naka prepares to decorate Hanumangarhi with lamps of desi ghee, a spiritual institution prepares to cover all the Shivalayas in Ayodhya and the Saryu coast with desi ghee lamps.

The three-day ritual of Bhoomi Poojan has started from 9 am on Monday morning, as per the predetermined schedule for the construction of a grand-divine temple at Ram Janmabhoomi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will perform the rituals on August 5 (Wednesday) by laying the foundation stone of the temple along with land and shilapujan. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also attended the ritual. At the inauguration of the ritual, 21 Vedic Acharyas worshiped along with eminent Vedas such as Acharya Chandrabhanu of Delhi, Acharya Indradev of Ayodhya and Acharya Pankaj of Prayag. The entire five-acre complex proposed for the construction of the grand temple resonated with the divine mantra.

The order of duly rituals lasted for hours with the invocation of Mangalacharan with the Vastu Devta in the center and chanting of Shodashopachara with barley, Akshat, Pan-betel nut, Sesame, Pushp, Roli etc. On this occasion, Delhi resident businessman Mahesh Bhagyachandra Saptnik was present as Yajaman. He has donated one crore 10 lakh rupees to the trust for the construction of the temple. In the first day’s puja, VHP international organization minister Dineshchandra and members of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust and the head of Ayodhya royal family Bimalendramohan Mishra also attended. The order of worship of Gauri-Ganesh, Bhoomi-Vastu, and Panchang Devata came to an end, but chanting mantras of Gauri-Ganesh, Bhoomi-Vastu etc. including Lord Rama and the continued passage of Valmiki Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas and Geeta proceeded.

Ramarcha worship and story today

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of the mid-day Ram temple, till then the ritual of Bhoomipujan will continue continuously. Between the chanting of mantras and the recitation of the texts, on Tuesday, Ramarcha Pujan and Ramarcha Katha are combined. Ramarcha Pujan and Katha will be handled by Ramanand Das, Mahant of the prestigious Ramkunj temple in Ramnagri itself.

Special preparations have been made by Anjaneya Seva Sansthan, the institution which regularly conducts Saryu. On the occasion of Bhoomi Pujan, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Maharati of 21 hundred lamps will be done by the institute. In many temples, the festival of Deepotsav was sparked since Monday. In the camp of Tapasvi ji, in the combination of Mahant Paramahamsa Das, 51 hundred lamps are lit, and the melancholy sage ashram in Ranopali is lit by lighting the lamp for the beginning of the week. Now on Tuesday this gaiety will be seen all over the city and Wednesday will be the peak of this festival.


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