China has been stung over allegations by the US and Western countries. He has said that because of hiding his mistakes, he has been accusing China of spreading corona virus.
China has been stung over allegations by the US and Western countries. He has said that because of hiding his mistakes, he has been accusing China of spreading corona virus.

Washington / Beijing. Corona virus cases have now crossed 1 million worldwide. Most of these cases have come from the US, which has now left China far behind in this case. In the US alone, 245066 cases have been reported so far. More than 6 thousand people have died due to this here. Let us also tell you that 53190 deaths have occurred due to this in the whole world and more than 2 lakh people have also been corrected. There are now 81589 cases in China. So far 3318 people have died after being caught by the virus. The meaning of this is to say that presently America is far ahead of China in the case of corona virus patient and deaths.

The war between the two big powers of the world has started. This war first started by the US President calling this virus a Chinese virus. At the same time, this war has started on the statement by China reducing the death toll. It is not only America in this battle but many countries of the West are seen supporting it. But now China too has put all its efforts to answer these allegations.

On behalf of China’s Foreign Ministry, Western countries including the US have been asked not to make baseless statements and to formulate the right policy to fight Corona. On behalf of China, it has been said that because of their mistakes, this infection is causing more havoc not only in America but also in Europe. So do not create false rumors against China and focus all your attention on reducing the number of patients here.

China has reacted strongly to Trump’s statement and asked the US to hawk. An article published in the Digital Edition of China’s state media Global Times states that not only America but all the West countries have lost to Corona virus in the war and are not able to do anything, while China has controlled its situation here Have done it. This is the reason that these countries are engaged in making rhetoric against China. It has also expressed its displeasure over the news published in a French newspaper. China has been accused of this news that it has spread the virus in western countries.

It also says that western countries are unable to digest this success of China and their defeat. China is blaming China for hiding its mistakes and policies, while the truth is that China is trying to support all countries in this war. This article has also denied the reports published in the media of Western countries, which are being said that the foreign Corona virus infected in China is not being treated equally. It says that all foreign nationals coming to China and infected with this virus are being given the same facilities and treatment that the citizens of China are getting.

It is worth noting that in the daily press conference held at the White House, President Donald Trump doubted the official number of people who died of Corona virus in China. He said that what we know is that what China has said is correct. Trump said that he found the figure of death to be very low. The special thing behind his statement is that the US intelligence report claimed that China has hidden the figures of the dead. Nikki Haley has said the same thing in her statement.

At the same time, members of the Republican Party also trumped the trumpet, claiming the US intelligence report that Beijing is likely to have confused the world with Corona’s infection and deaths. Let us also tell you here that this rhetoric is coming out when it is being said that due to this virus about two lakh people can be killed in America. Let us tell you that other senators including Trump have also objected to the World Health Organization’s statements in which it has praised China. Not only this, MP Rick Scott has even demanded an inquiry.


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