The test report will be published on April 1. This vaccine will also be tested on foreigners living in China.
The test report will be published on April 1. This vaccine will also be tested on foreigners living in China.

Beijing . After successfully and safely testing the vaccine being developed for the prevention of corona, China can also test it in other countries. This information was given by a researcher from China.

Chen Wei, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said the first phase of the vaccine has begun in Wuhan from March 16. These tests are running smoothly. The test report will be published on April 1. This vaccine will also be tested on foreigners living in China.

It is noteworthy that the Corona virus originated from the city of Wuhan in China. Wuhan city is the capital of Hubei province with a population of around 11 lakhs. After two months of havoc with Corona, things are now back to normal in this city.

Talking to China’s official newspaper, China Daily, Chen Wei said that if the initial results of the test are interesting, then we will use it in the countries of the world where it is wreaking havoc. Chen Wei also conducts research at the Academy of Military Sciences.

Many countries have shown interest in the vaccine

He said that many countries have shown interest in this vaccine. We and our team want to work together with other countries to develop the vaccine. Before conducting the test in other countries, we will join the test of foreigners living in China. The vaccine can prove to be the most effective way to wreak havoc on the Kovid-19. It is not known when the use of this vaccine will be approved, but if the test is successful and safe, then it will be done quickly.

It is noteworthy that since the outbreak of this virus has spread, many research institutes of China have started looking for a cure. According to China Daily, this vaccine is being tested in Wuhan on people between 8 and 60 years of age. A total of 108 people are participating voluntarily.

New experimental drug can prevent entry of corona virus into human cell

At the same time, according to the news agency PTI, scientists have discovered a drug that will probably prevent the corona virus Kovid-19 from entering the human cells. If this drug is successful in use, it can be of great help in developing a treatment for corona.

According to the researchers, the discovered drug is a small fraction of protein (peptide) that resembles that found on the surface of a human cell. This protein binds the protein of the corona virus through which the virus enters the cell.

Expected increase from discovered drug

According to these findings published in the online version of BioRxIV, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) associate professor Brad Pentelute said that the compound we were looking for has been found. It is dealing with viral proteins in the same way as we had hoped. This has given hope that the intrusion of the virus into the human cell can be stopped. Researchers have sent samples of this peptide to other researchers, who will see its effect on human cells.

The team began research on this in early March after a Chinese research group published the cryo-EM structure of the human cell (cell) receptor and the corona virus’s spike protein.


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