More than 662700 people have been infected with the corona virus worldwide while 30751 people have died. Know how things are in the whole world ...
More than 662700 people have been infected with the corona virus worldwide while 30751 people have died. Know how things are in the whole world ...

Beijing / Washington, agencies. Corona virus causing havoc all over the world has caused havoc in Europe. More than 6,64,000 people have been infected by this deadly virus worldwide while 30,751 people have died. In Spain alone, a record 838 people died of corona virus in the last 24 hours. Things have become worse in Italy. In Italy yesterday, Saturday, 889 people died of Corona virus on a single day. The death toll in Italy has crossed 10,000. At the same time, the death toll from infection in the US has crossed 2000. Know the condition of the rest of the world …


In Spain, a record 838 people died of infection in the last 24 hours on Sunday. With this, the number of people who died from corona in Spain has increased to 6,528. The Spanish Ministry of Health said that 78,797 people have been confirmed to be infected with the corona so far in the country. Not only this, there has also been a huge increase of 9.1% in the number of infected people in the country in the last 24 hours. Spain is the second country with the most deaths after Italy from Corona.

Normal conditions in wuhan

Nearly one-third of the world’s population is facing lockdown due to the corona virus. There is a crisis over millions of jobs worldwide. On the other hand, the burden on the health sector has increased. The economy of big countries has been shaken by Corona. Officials in some countries believe that if this continues, a more frightening picture may emerge. However, the situation has become somewhat common in China where the virus first emerged. After two months of long lockdown, the city of Wuhan is now being partially opened for movement.

Outcry in europe

In Europe, the death toll from corona virus infection has reached 20,000. Half of this death occurred in Italy. Spain ranks second in terms of deaths from Corona. Russia has said that it will close its borders on Monday. In France, about 2,000 people have died of Corona infection. According to French Prime Minister Edward Philippe, the initial two weeks of April will be more difficult. In Britain, the death toll from the virus has crossed 1,000. At the same time, 139 more people have died from infection in Iran.

Canadian PM’s wife recovers

Sophie Gregor, wife of Corona virus-infected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is now fully recovered. On March 12, a medical examination found him to be corona positive. The test of PM Trudeau and his three children was negative. As a precaution, all the members of PM’s family are living separately in the house. Expressing happiness over his wife’s recovery, Trudeau expressed his gratitude for the blessings of the people. So far, more than five thousand cases of corona have been reported in Canada. Of these 61 have died, while 445 patients have also been cured.

Things are bad in America but no lockdown

America is now emerging as the center of the corona virus in the world. However, US President Trump decided late on Saturday night that he would not enforce the lockdown in New York and its neighboring states. At the same time, according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, America has the highest 1,24,000 people in the world in the grip of corona infection. So far 2,114 people have lost their lives in the US. Alam is that many medical schools in the US are considering giving bachelor’s degrees to senior students soon to meet the growing demand for medical professionals.


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