56 cases of China synoptic transmission have been disturbed by Corona's silent carriers
56 cases of China synoptic transmission have been disturbed by Corona's silent carriers

Beijing, agencies. After opening the lockdown, China is now troubled by increasing cases of new Symptomatic Coronavirus infection. The ‘silent carriers’ of the coronavirus without showing any symptoms are becoming a major headache for the Chinese government. This second round infection is more fatal and contagious. There are 56 new cases of symptomatic coronavirus in addition to 63 new cases found positive with the lockdown opening in April.

According to China’s National Health Commission (NHC), there have been a total of 3,335 deaths in China, with two more deaths due to the epidemic of 19 Thursday. While infection has been confirmed in 81,865 people. Symptomatic coronavirus cases are those which are found positive in medical examination, but do not show any signs of infection. And these patients keep silence and infect people. The transition of Corona started from Hubei province and it’s capital Wuhan, and two people have died on the same day the lockdown opens.

Life in China is becoming increasingly normal after three months of intense fighting against Corona since January. Factories and businesses have again started to appear. Thousands of Chinese citizens are returning to China from abroad. The lockdown has also been lifted from Wuhan on Wednesday. Thousands of people have started traveling here.

Therefore, despite the situation being normal in other cities of China, the provincial government of Wuhan said that it will continue with some restrictions as the situation has become two steps ahead and one step back for them. The 70 residential areas that were declared infection-free by the Wuhan administration have lost their status this week. The Chinese government is considering imposing certain restrictions after the Simatic case came to light.

Restrictions not removed from residential areas

The Chinese administration has said that more than a thousand patients are still under medical supervision. Of these, 674 patients are in Hubei province, with a 59-year-old shopkeeper from Wuhan, the capital, said that he has reopened his shop, but there is not a single customer. People are still afraid to come out of the houses. He told that she is also going out only when it is very important, she also comes out wearing masks and gloves covering the body completely. He said that still not much has changed. B. Restrictions are still in force in residential areas.


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