Coronavirus is vulnerable to 185 countries in the world, population over 4 billion is lockdown
Coronavirus is vulnerable to 185 countries in the world, population over 4 billion is lockdown

Coronavirus, COVID-19, lockdown, quarantine, isolation, hot spot. These few words came in the discussion a few days ago and on every word they were covered. Today, every person in the world has either heard these words or has become aware of them. Or rather, our entire world is confined around these words. There are 185 countries in the world vulnerable to coronavirus. Over 4 billion population is a lockdown. More than 10 million people are home quarantined. More than 2.2 million population is in isolation. More than 1000 small and big cities have become hot spots.

Everyone, from the world’s superpower America to the poorest country Congo and Mozambique, is just trying to overcome the corona. More than 118 days have passed since Corona. But the fear virus is still in the sky. It has been thundering and raining too. In the middle of this corona tsunami, tombs are being dug to bury the dead, somewhere health workers are cheering for applause, and somewhere bread is being searched for food. Amidst all this, the winds of changes in the way of life are flowing.

So let’s look at a few pictures to see how colorful the world has been in the last 15 days, how the world is looking and doing in the midst of lockdown-

1- America: The worst situation in the world’s most powerful country
so far more than 7 lakh cases of corona have been reported in America. There have been more than 37 thousand deaths. More than 2 crore people have become unemployed. Youngsters are more concerned with the elderly. Hospitals do not have a place to recruit patients. Cemeteries do not have a place to bury the dead. If there is anything left in the midst of all this, then those are the expectations.

Along with the work, the emotion is also – the picture is outside of NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan. The medical worker is wiping tears between work and gum. In fact, here at 7 pm every day, some employees of the police and other government departments come to cheer the health worker. So that their pain can be mild.

Climate change also continues – picture is of Washington. People with coronaviruses are also facing climate change. Due to the rising sea level, people are being forced to leave their homes. The surrounding villages here are flooded. There are tribes living in these villages, who are now forced to leave home and take refuge in high places.

Disaster along with the epidemic – the picture is of the American province of Louisiana. A large number of people’s homes have been destroyed in the storm that occurred the next day after Easter. In such a situation, people have to fight the natural disaster along with Corona.

Love and Safety – Hassim is a health worker based in New York. He is posted in a hospital in New York these days, sometimes coming home to meet his daughter. To maintain social distancing, he greets the daughter from outside the glass window and then returns to the hospital.

Social Distancing, Not Emotional – The picture is of New York City. Here is an example of how people are maintaining social distancing to avoid coronavirus, nothing can be better than this picture. Here Felix and his mother Naomi Hasbroeck first saw their sister’s child through a glass door. The sister went back from outside the house.

Hunger and helplessness heavy on everyone – 50-year – old Joanna Gomez is a resident of Los Angeles. She is queuing up to take a packet of food in front of a food bank here. She says that my husband’s job is gone, I have six children, now it is difficult for me to even feed him.

In place of Intakam – in New York City, the administration hired workers to dig graves in Heart Island. New York has the highest death toll in the world every day from Corona. So far more than 10 thousand people have lost their lives here.

Salute to the Warriors – Harborview Medical Center, Washington, released a collage of portrait photos of health workers deployed to treat coronaviruses. Everyone is seen smiling in it. Many more hospitals in the world are also doing this so that people can salute these workers.

Jeddjohd – The picture is of Los Angeles, where a sailor is taking the patient off the ship for treatment. After this he was taken to the hospital.

Life is beautiful – dance instructor Morgan Jenkins in Los Angeles made a video in front of a wall painting. Despite the lockdown, how beautiful life is, Jenkins is shooting videos in different places these days.

2- China: Corona’s lockdown lifted, but the economy locked.
Coronavirus producing countries, China, also have bad conditions. The first case of Corona came from the city of Wuhan here on the night of 31 December 2019. At that time the world was busy in the New Year Welcome and China was busy handling the Corona. Today, 2020 has become the most memorable year of the century. Well, now China has almost overcome the corona. He has been selling the equipment and accessories necessary to save the world from Corona. The lockdown has also been removed. Amongst all this, his economy has also recorded the biggest decline in 40 years. In such a situation, he is also involved in shifting the gear of the figures of the corona dead along with the economy.

3- Brazil: New hot spot,
Corona arrived late in Brazil, more than one thousand cases are coming daily, but now it is raining as a disaster. About one thousand new cases are coming every day. So far, more than 34 thousand corona cases have been reported in Brazil. While more than two thousand people have lost their lives.

Land of Janaj – This photo is from the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The largest cemetery is being built here to bury the corona dead. Thousands of tombs are being dug together. Protective clothes have also been given to the tomb workers.

4- Iran: Corona has the highest number of deaths in Asia, here
Corona reached the first countries after China, Iran is also among them. China’s condition has improved a lot, but Iran still has waste. So far, 80 thousand corona cases have come here. More than 4900 people have died. However, the government has relaxed the lockdown with some conditions. More than half of the government employees are back at work. The lockdown was lifted from Tehran on Saturday.

5- Mexico: Eating crisis with Corona in front of laborers

There have been more than 6 thousand cases in the country. More than 550 people have died. Work in factories has ceased, migrant workers face a crisis of both corona and food.

A screening with Rosie-Roti is also necessary – the picture is of Matamoros from Mexico. Here the medical staff of Global Response Management is screening the migrant people. So that corona patients can be detected. There are about 2000 migrants living here on the US-Mexico border.

6- Israel: Government Corona and people battling the government
So far, there have been 12,982 cases of Corona in Israel. 191 people have lost their lives. If the government is struggling with Corona, then people are struggling with the government. Protests are going on across the country in protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The orchards are outside – a woman plucking flowers from a garden in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, southern Israel. This area is adjacent to the Gaza Patti in Palestine. Hamas fighters often throw grenades here.

7- Russia: Initially unperturbed by the threat of Corona,
Russia is now rapidly spreading Coronavirus even in fully locked Russia. More than 2000 cases are coming every day. So far, more than 32 thousand cases have been reported. The worst affected is Moscow, which is probably why President Vladimir Putin has moved out of the city to his second home, seeking a safe haven. Russia was initially immune to the threat of Corona. But now a lockdown has been imposed in the country.

8- Britain: The public is just scared of Corona, but Prime Minister Boris and Prince Charles are shocked to be Corona positive
Corona has so far reported more than 1 lakh cases in the UK, more than 14 thousand people have died. . Prime Minister Boris Johnson then reached the ventilator. Prince Charles was also found to be Corona positive. In such a situation, the common man who is afraid of Corona has reached the shock. The spread of corona in the country is still going on.

9- Canada: 32 thousand cases have been reported, 1300 have lost their lives, so far more than 32 thousand cases of Corona have been reported in the country. More than 1300 people have died. Corona, the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has also been infected.

Blurred expectations – The picture is of Quebec, Canada. The woman is shaking her hand when she sees someone outside the house in Heron. A strict lockdown is in place here, as 31 people have died since March 31.

10- Spain: The highest number of health workers in the world has been infected with Corona here, after America, Spain is the country most affected by Corona. So far, more than 1.90 lakh cases have been reported here. More than 20 thousand people have lost their lives. Spain has the highest number of health workers infected with Corona. Their number is more than 15 thousand. It is 14 percent of the total infected. All these health workers are in self-isolation.

Gum to leave with a partner – The picture is outside the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganes, Spain. Health worker Esteban posted here died from Corona. To pay tribute to him, fellow health workers organized a condolence meeting. During this time, companions also appeared crying in his memory.

Encouragement – the photo is of Madrid city of Spain. Here people come out in the balconies of the houses every evening and clap for the health workers.

11- Germany: Spring season has arrived in the shadow of Corona

Love in Corona Time – Spring season has arrived amidst the shadows of Coronavirus in Germany. The flowers have bloomed in the gardens, but the terror of the virus lurks in the streets and markets. In this situation, some people are unable to stop themselves from leaving the house despite the corona. This photo is from Trepto district in Berlin. The couple is wearing a mask and arrives in the flower garden. So far, 1.41 lakh cases of Corona have been reported in Germany. More than four thousand three hundred people have died.

12- Italy– The devastation continues, more than 500 deaths are still occurring daily, after China, Italy became the biggest hot spot of coronavirus in the world. Northern Italy has been completely destroyed by the virus. So far, 1.72 thousand cases have come here, 22 thousand deaths have been done. More than 500 deaths are happening every day.

Moments of rest between work – Tasvari is from Turin, Italy. Here Volunteers of the Red Cross Society are also helping the Italian health workers in the rescue of Corona. The person resting in the picture is Volunteer of Red Cross.

13- Belarus: People celebrated in the plains instead of Easter Church

The manner of festivals also changed – this time around the world the Easter festival was celebrated with simplicity. One such picture was seen in Belarus, where people celebrated Easter in the open ground instead of in the church. Catholic clergy gave people eggs, cakes, and holy water. More than 4,779 Corona cases have come here so far. 42 people have died.

14- Ireland: People stand in the balcony for health workers and clap and play thali every day.

Hounslafzai – The photograph is from Belapasta in Northern Ireland. Here, in praise of the health workers of the NHS, people stand in the balcony of the houses and clap and play utensils. So far, more than 13 thousand cases have come in the country. 500 people have died.

15- Indonesia: Hotel made room in lighting with thanks to health workers

Thank you from the heart– The picture is from Indonesia. Here, a hotel named 101, located in Bogor thanked the health workers by lighting their rooms. There have been more than 6 thousand cases in the country, more than 500 people have died.

16- Greece: Bus birds fly on the streets of Athens

Circus Square– The photo is of Kotgia Scoever in Athens, Greece. Due to the lockdown, only birds are flying here today. So far, more than two thousand cases have come into the country. More than 40 people have lost their lives.


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